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4 Signs You've Met Someone From A Past Life!

Some things in life are, to put it simply, mind-blowing. For example, have you ever felt a strong connection to someone mere moments after meeting them? It can feel as if your initial conversation with that person is simply a continuation of a prior one – only, of course, you've never even met said person. At least not in your present lifetime, anyway. But what about your former lifetimes? Thousands of people have reported remembering details of their past lives. What if your eerily-connected companion was simply such a detail – a 'character' from a former life? Let's take a look at four signs that may be the case.

Sign #1 – You know each other intuitively.

shutterstock_182934560 Do you know someone whose mannerisms, likes, dislikes and creative processes just made perfectsense to you, right out of the gate? It could be because you've spent so much time with this person in past lives – potentially through various points and scenarios in history – that you know exactly what's going on in their brain.

Sign #2 – Time means nothing when you're with them.

There's no rush when you're around someone you know from a previous life. You've got so much to discuss – so many emotions and experiences to relive. This is your soul's way of saying 'Hey, you've been this person's companion for centuries – what's a couple hours out of your day?'

Sign #3 – Everything just came together when you met them.

shutterstock_160661273 A clear sign that you've met a companion from a previous life is the sudden validation they bring – validation of your beliefs, values and thoughts. 'Wow, someone else actually feels this way,' you might catch yourself thinking during your initial conversations. It's very likely that this common understanding of life was forged between the two of you over past lifetimes of experience.

Sign #4 – They feel like home.

You know how listening to your childhood favorite song can take you right back to those innocent moments – right back to the tiny bedroom you inhabited in your parents' house? An individual you know from a past life does something similar, only it's way more intense. They make you feel nostalgia for places you don't remember ever being. They remind you of a particular era – perhaps even before you were born. What's more, the association is warm and fuzzy. It makes you feel relaxed, secure and safe – just like home.

Do you feel like you know someone from a past life? Share your thoughts in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Here's how to find someone you knew in a past life! Sources: Power of Positivity Huffington Post