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4 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

Couples, you might want to think twice before posting another relationship selfie or status on Facebook or Instagram. Not only is it annoying to all your followers – it actually damages your relationship as well. Seriously, everyone – including you and your partner – would be so much happier if you just stopped talking about your relationship online altogether.

To convince you, I've compiled 4 reasons posting about your relationship on social media is a terrible idea.

#1 – You Gain Nothing & Lose Everything

shutterstock_338717978 Intimacy is a very crucial part of any good relationship. A good partner knows more about you than anyone else in the world does. When you air your relationship's details online, you throw that intimacy right out the window. This is particularly true if you decide to rant about problems you're having with your partner. It's like you're turning your relationship into a reality TV show and inviting the entire internet to watch. And share. And comment. This profits you absolutely nothing, while costing you dearly in the 'intimacy' department.

#2 – It Creates A Facade

"Look, Jane, I know what I did was terrible. But our Facebook friends really need us to be happy right now." "Look, Jane, I know what I did was terrible. But our Facebook friends really need us to be happy right now."
It's a well-known fact now that people use social media primarily to compare their lives to others'. Of course, this turns out absolutely disastrously because people are horrendously dishonest about how awesome their lives are online. When you post those 'cute' selfies with your partner, you're feeding right into this and making other people feel like crap about their relationship. They don't see the flaws or arguments – they just see you and your partner smiling on a beach. Suddenly, your relationship becomes a show. You feel compelled to maintain your 'happy couple' image, which brings you more stress and pressure than you need.

#3 – It Pulls You Out Of The 'Here & Now'

shutterstock_439120489 Studies have consistently shown that keeping rooted in the present moment is a major part of happiness. Let's face it – when you're posting about your relationship on social media, your mind is everywhere butthe present moment. Your mind is 5 minutes from now, when you hope your ex will log online and see you with your new girlfriend. Your mind is wandering back in time to recall the details of your dinner date. Is it any wonder people who post online frequently about their relationship are so miserable?

#4 – It Keeps Your Relationship In Chains

You can only do so much when all your social media friends and followers know the details of your relationship. Are you ready to move past an argument? Well guess what? You can't because someone you barely know is still upset about what your partner commented on your passive-aggressive 'woe is my relationship' post and they're never going to let you forget about it. Couples who keep their relationship private, on the other hand, escape that irrelevant input.

Have a look at this video for more insight on why posting about your relationship online is a bad idea.

What do you think of all this? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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