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Answer These 4 Questions to See What They Reveal About Your Personality!

Sometimes, the simplest of inquiries can reveal the deepest things about the human psyche. You see it all the time when it comes to things like icebreakers – simple questions that give you a nice little teaser of what a particular person is like. Today, let's explore a few icebreakers you can do all by yourself to learn about what makes you tick! Conduct each activity and follow the instructions underneath.

1. Clasp your hands together. Make sure your fingers are interlocking.

If the thumb from your right hand is on top, write down 2.If it's the left thumb on top, write 1.

2. Make a gun with your fingers, close one eye and aim at a point in the distance.

If your right eye is the one you closed, write down 1.If you closed your left eye, write down 2.

3. Fold your arms.

If your left hand is on top, write down 1.If your right hand is resting on top, write down 2.

4. Clap your hands, vertically.

If your left hand is the one you've placed on top, write down 1.If it's your right hand, write down 2. Let's see what your answers have to say about your personality!


Now, take a look at the number you wound up with and compare it to the ones below. The message beside it says something about you. 2222: This means you are completely right-handed with a stable, conservative character. You don't like to get into arguments. 2221: If this is the number you have written down, it means you are an indecisive person. 2212: This number means you are an open person with great communication skills. 2111: If your number is 2111, it means you're a dependable person. You also prefer to work alone, rarely asking anyone for help or support. 2211: This combination means you have good interpersonal skills. 2122: You're likely a techie. You care about what you do and this might lead you to sometimes neglect those around you. 2121: With this combination, you're a vulnerable individual easily led. 1112: You know exactly what you want. You are also very emotional. 1222: Most people will get this number — It means you're emotional but lack persistence in the face of challenges. Other people's opinions have a large influence on you. 1221: You have a soft, naive character. 1122: This number means you're friendly, and a little naive. You likely think there's something inherently wrong with you. 1121: If you wrote down this number, it means you're a very trusting person with a neutral personality. 1111: You're left-handed and not conservative at all. Creativity is at the core of your being. 1212: This number means you're strong-willed, perhaps even stubborn. 1211: You ask many questions; you're a soul searcher. 2112: This combination means you're an easygoing person who's good at making friends.>