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When You See the Inside of this 300-Year-Old Home, You Will be Amazed!

There is a house — no, not in New Orleans, but in Cornwall, Great Britain — that was built in 1680, when America was still nearly 100 years away from being founded, and the piano hadn't yet been invented. From the outside, the house looks old and a little gloomy. And that's exactly what it was like inside, too, until a young couple bought it and renovated it to look modern and cozy. The house is currently up for lease, and I don't know about you, but suddenly, Great Britain seems like a place I'd like to live. 247755-1000-1453803241-1header-xlg

The house's main entrance. The door is buried so far into the stone — unique!

Looking at the living room of the home – it's wonderful how certain antique elements are maintained (such as that light).

I wonder how many stories have been told by this fireplace?

All the walls in the house are painted white to make the home look as spacious as possible.


This breakfast table looks like it belongs in a scene from 'Anne of Green Gables.'

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