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3 Things You Need To Know About The Near-Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius

The moon has captivated humans for thousands of years. Early cultures revered it as a resting place for Gods and even as a divine being itself. Today, the moon still bears much significance and power – both of which will be observed during the near-lunar eclipse on August 18th 2016, as the sun, earth and moon become closely aligned. What makes this event so special? Well, this near-eclipse is the first of many that will be occurring on the Aquarius-Leo axis over the next several years. During these events, humans will be feeling a tug between both polarities of that axis. What will this mean in a practical sense? I'm glad you asked!

3 Things You Need To Know About The August 18th Near-Lunar Eclipse

#1 – It's Time To Find Your Tribe!

shutterstock_126395402 During the Aquarius/Leo near-eclipse, and in the days following, many people will feel a strong need for support, attention and love. These are Leo traits. Those traits will be balanced out by the Aquarius tendency towards displaying affection and focusing on group dynamics. When harnessed correctly, this combination will lead to strong reciprocal bonds. Take the time to surround yourself with members of your tribe – whether they be of the same sign as you or a compatible one. Find people who will accept your individuality as you do the same for them.

#2 – Harness Your Creative Power!

For ages, the moon has been associated with altered mental states. That's where we get the term 'lunatic' from. Studies have even shown that, around the time of a full moon, crime skyrockets. It's not all bad, though; when harnessed correctly, the power of August 18th's near-eclipse will bring increased creativity and balanced eccentricity. Prepare to think differently and to come up with all sorts of creative solutions to existing problems. If you're a writer or artist, consider tackling a challenging project on the night of the 18th and during the following days. The moon's energy just might be enough to push you forward.

#3 – It's Time For Change!

shutterstock_101041396 During the near-lunar eclipse on August 18th, expect to undergo some sort of change in your life. This could be a major change or it could be slight. In similar past events, people have reported experiencing a change in focus; while they were once engrossed in the opinions of others, they became more concerned with their own values. Similarly, people have reported being more confident in their decision making. As Insight Oasis puts it, there's an infinite amount of possible changes – just make sure you're open and prepared.

Check out this video to learn more about the August 18th near-eclipse. Sources: Insight Oasis Live Science Aquarius Papers