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20 Things To Do At 30 That Will Make Life Better At 50

Thinking about the future can be scary and exciting at the same time. There is preparing for retirement, getting children financially through college, and saving for potential health problems. Someone put forth an interesting question online on Quora. They asked, “What is the best thing you can do at age 30 to benefit your life at age 50 and beyond?” They received plenty of good answers.

Here is a list of 20 things one can do at age 30 to make life better at age 50 and older.

1. Stop Smoking

cigarette-424540_1280 Smoking conventional cigarettes with 800 additives and over 4000 chemicals is terrible for the body. According to Share Care, “Smoking deaths are one of the most preventable causes of premature death. Still, each year more than 443,000 people die from this deadly habit.” It is also expensive.

2. Stop Eating Junk Food

grill-438218_1280 “You can make a lot of money in 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s,…90s to buy the whole world when you are at age 50 or beyond,” writes Quora user Sireesha Chilakamarri. “But, you cannot buy your health. Give up on fast food right now at age 30.”

3. Maintain or Repair Family Relationships

family-1003816_1280 Our family is there to support and encourage us. Many times, people will wish that they had tried harder to repair family relations when they were younger. They regret all the time wasted. Also, accepting and dealing with family makes one a better person. "Chances are you’ve come across ideas and changed in ways that mean you do not see eye to eye with them on many issues. But then – that’s part of what a family can help with – to learn to get along with people you don’t agree with on many issues,” writes Quora user Robert Walker.

4. Wear Sunscreen

rest-707094_1280 The long-term effects of sun damage are hard to see at age 30. However, they are shocking at age 50. “I was stupid. I didn’t listen. Do you want wrinkles and thin skin from sun damage as I have and do you want bruises from just lightly touching the side of a box and having your skin peel off? Go ahead, enjoy lying in the sun without sunblock,” writes Quora user Cyndi Perlman Fink.

5. Exercise Regularly

push-ups-888024_1280 Being active at 30 will help one stay healthy when they are 50. “Don’t gain weight. Exercise. Keep your weight at a normal level that’s good for your body,” continues Cyndi Perlman Fink. “Weight does all kinds of bad things for body. I’ve been fat; I’ve been thin, thin is healthier.”

6. Save Money

piggy-bank-970340_1280 Even if one can only save a little bit of money at a time, start saving now. “Save money. I know this is a boring, trite, and unsexy suggestion, but it is true,” writes Quora user Cliff Gilley. “In your 30s, the average person has a lot of disposable income, some of which can almost always easily be set aside for use later in life. Plus, building the habit of saving early means you’ll continue it further down the line.” Make sure you turn some of your money into actual silver and gold that you keep in your possession so as to retain the value of what you've earned.

7. Learn to Be Content and Happy

girl-996824_1280 Being content and focusing on happiness is a good thing for anyone to practice. “Happiness is what matters far more than worldly success,” writes Quora user Robert Walker. “If you are content with what you have, then you may be a bit less likely to end up a millionaire, but you will have a happier life. And if you do become a wealthy person – is no reason not, you’ll be a more happy, fulfilled and productive wealthy person.”

8. Don’t Delay Goals

diving-689831_1280 If a person has a dream or goal they want to pursue, don’t put it off. “It is easy to put things off. “I’ll get to that someday.” However, it is really true that time starts accelerating as you enter your 30’s, and it keeps accelerating. The time that you’ll get around to those dreams should be now,” writes Quora user Bill Karwin.

9. Sleep!

cat-590684_1280 Starting a proper sleep cycle is essential for improved sleep all through life. “Use stellar sleep hygiene,” writes Quora user Nan Waldman. “A dark room or sleep shades will block out the light. No bright screens before bedtime. Go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time.” Sleep while "earthed" or "grounded" whenever possible.

10. Take Care of Your Teeth

smile-191626_1280 Tooth problems only get worse as one gets older, and they are expensive. Use some natural tooth care methods. “Get your little cavities fixed as they come up. Unlike many body health issues, dental problems only get worse — and things like crowns and implants are uncomfortable, time-consuming and expensive (like, close to five figures per tooth for an extraction, implant, and crown). If you have a good savings and income stream, the bills will not be the painful thing — but there’s no getting around the pain and the time suck,” writes Quora user Caroline Zelonka. Before having your teeth drilled, always seek out a second and third opinion from other dental professionals.

11. Memories Not Things

wanderer-455338_1280 Experiences are more memorable than things. They also make one happier. Get out and experience the vast expanses of our world. Take a look at this article to learn more.

12. Give Back

EVS_volunteer_project_within_Nevitsky_Castle_reconstruction Wikipedia Practicing giving back not only makes the world a better place but also brings joy to one’s life. “Give to others, so you feel the goodness that service brings,” writes Quora user Nan Waldman. “However you give, do it with your full heart, soul, and effort. Expect nothing in return.” Donate your time to a charity. Please volunteer with our favorite charity: The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

13. Be Courageous

free-fall-89349_1280 “Get out of the house and have an honest-to-God adventure right now,” writes Quora user Mary Leek. “Make it as big as you can possibly manage, take lots of pictures, throw caution to the wind, take on the risk, grab the brass ring. If possible, include someone you are close to – make a BIG memory. It has to be more than jumping out of an airplane – it needs to be measured in days, not hours or minutes. You’ll still be smiling about it when you are old and creaky, I promise. I am.”

14. Read

glasses-272399_1280 Many people never read a single book once they leave school. Do not be one of those people. No one ever wishes they watched more TV or played more video games. However, never gaining extra knowledge is a common regret.

15. Travel

girl-571808_1280 Traveling when one is young is a great way to learn new things and create great memories. “Traveling will change you like little else can. It will put you in places that will force you to care for issues that are bigger than you,” writes Jeff Goins. “It is about experiencing true risk and adventure, so you don’t have to live in fear for the rest of your life. Moreover,…inspiring others to step out of that fear, too.”

16. Meditate

girl-863340_1280 Many people think meditation is not for them, but this is just not true. Meditation is for everyone and simpler than most people think. “The list of benefits is endless; it only costs you a small amount of time a day, the change in your life and the people you love will be amazing,” writes Quora user Rens De Nobel. “And compared to ten years ago, there are long lists of scientific studies to back it up.”

17. Understand Yourself

16388659831_54064301ec_b Flickr One is never too old to discover themselves and what truly makes them happy. “Trust me, the day your body starts to show the signs of wear & tear, you no longer see any fun in partying or trying to impress people around you,” writes Quora user Satish Kumar Grandhi. “You need to start your path of self-discovery right now to become stronger by the time you are 50.”

18. Journal

female-865110_1280 Writing down memories makes them easier to revisit and remember. “You WILL forget more of your precious memories you’ll remember,” writes Quora user Mark Crawley. “Your written records will entertain and endear in your future (wish I had). Your computer should make this archiving all the easier to implement and retain / recall. Put files on memory sticks with photos. Your kids (or surviving spouse) may someday love you for it.”

19. Buy a Home

holiday-house-177401_1280 One should purchase the home of their dreams now. “Buy a house, it’ll be nearly paid for by the time you are 50,” writes Quora user Liz Read. David Avocado Wolfe seconds that opinion. During an interview with him, he was asked: "Do you recommend buying a home in your 30s?" His answer: "Yes, as long as you are buying a place where you can grow some food. By the time you are 50, all of your food systems will be established, and you can live off the land and off your fruit, nut, and medicinal trees."

20. Care For Friends

East_Asian_friends Wikipedia Now is the time to build friendships so that one is not alone when they are older. “Choose people who make you feel like you already are your best self, who challenge you by their example, and who you genuinely enjoy,” explains Nan Waldman. “Nurture them. Laugh with them. Be silly too. Contribute to their survival and enjoyment of life. Take the time every week to be in touch.”