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This Rare 1970 Quarter Is Worth Thousands! Do You Have One?

Do you have a jar full of spare change? You might want to inspect your stash—keep a look out for a particular kind of quarter produced in 1970. A certain number of quarters produced in that year contain a few blemishes that makes them highly valuable.

The quarters with the mistakes are worth over $35,000 on eBay.

The coins, printed over 1941 Canadian quarters, have residual Canadian quarter markings. For example, you can see of the quarter’s original details, such as a 1941 date stamp on the tails side and Latin writing on the border of the heads side. In another view, you can see the faint imprint of a head on the front of the quarter. While you might not be able to see the “1941” or the head without a magnifying glass, if you look closely, you can see some of the residual Latin from the Canadian coin. Although difficult to spot, next to the word “Liberty” are remnants of the Latin writing. For proper reference, the above photo is what a 1940 Canadian quarter looks like. Take note of the Latin writing on the face side of the quarter. If you look right above the head, you see “D:G:REX” For a better view, here is a close-up of the American quarter: Although faint, the “D,” “G,” and “R” markings are evident. As it is, the chances of finding one of these quarters are low as proof coins such as these are not intended for circulation. However, the hunt alone is fun, and of course, there are plenty of other coins worth more than their intrinsic value. Happy hunting! Sources: Mental Floss Little Things ABC 13 Mashable