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18 Powerful Ways to Put Your Thoughts in Order Through Art Therapy

Art therapy is just what its name implies. Therapists use the expressiveness and creativity inherently found in art to help patients improve their mental, emotional, and psychological health. Participating in art therapy has been shown to help people manage behaviors, reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and increase awareness. Many people also use art therapy to get a deeper understanding of who they are. (source) Art therapy can be used professionally with a therapist, or casually at home through your own art projects. (source) It's pretty well known that doing something you enjoy will help to boost your spirits and relax your mind. Here are 18 ways to use art therapy when you feel stuck in an emotional state or are facing a difficult problem!

1. If you are tired, draw flowers.

2. If you feel angry, draw lines.

3. If you are in pain, build a model.

4. If you are bored, cover a sheet of paper with multiple colors.

5. If you feel sad, paint a rainbow.


6. If you are scared, knit something.

7. If you feel worried, make a doll.

8. If you feel indignant, rip up paper and make a mosaic.

9. If you are anxious, fold some origami.

10. If you are tense, draw patterns.

11. If you are disappointed, copy a painting or portrait.

12. If you are in despair, draw a way out.

13. If you are confused, draw a mandala.


14. If you need to restore strength, paint a landscape.

15. If you can’t make sense of your feelings, paint a self-portrait.

16. If you need to organize your thoughts, draw squares or honeycombs.

17. If you feel stuck in a rut, draw spirals.

18. If you need to figure out a goal, draw target symbols.

Give these quick art therapy tricks a try and see how they work for you. We could all use a little downtime to relax our minds and enjoy some personal art therapy.

Which one is your favorite?

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(h/t: Brightside)