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12 Signs You're An Incredibly Intense Person

If there is someone in your life who you would label as very intense, they may be difficult to understand at times. You may tend to tread carefully around that person, because you don't want to upset them and reap the consequences. Intensity isn't a bad thing — It's just often misunderstood. Intense people often get told to "lighten up," or "calm down," which can really irritate them. Someone driven with intensity cannot simply change their behavior. They are forceful, strong-willed, and often very productive and passionate. The best way to communicate with intense people is to let them talk. Hear them out, ask questions, and be respectful of their ideas. It may feel a bit overwhelming at times, but intensity can be a great trait for success.

Here's how to tell if you're an intense person.


1. You Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

You don't sugarcoat how you feel. You let your real feelings be known and you tend to be very blunt about them. You don't care who knows how you truly feel.

2. You Care Deeply

You are deeply... about everything! Instead of having one thing you are passionate about, you have many. On the flip side, if it's something you aren't passionate about, you completely don't care. There's not much of a middle ground when it comes to your feelings.

3. You Fight Without Restriction

When you get into an argument, you make it a point to win. Your intensity doesn't always show as aggression — You tend to be smart and very calculating when it comes to a disagreement. People typically do not want to cross you.

4. You Speak With Conviction

You never say anything you don't mean. Your words carry weight and you speak with conviction. You believe in what you're saying and have the deep feelings to back it up.

5. You're Sincere

You don't make time for people who blab about nothing. When you're involved in a conversation, you're open and honest and speak with sincerity. You usually don't take long to open up to someone.

6. You Crave Meaningful Conversations

Talking about the weather or a sports game won't keep you interested. You want intellectual, meaningful conversation with others. Politics, philosophy, faith, society... these are the things that keep you engaged.

7. You Always Make Eye Contact

You look people directly in the eye when they speak, making some people uncomfortable.

8. You Use Intense Language

You don't waste time beating around the bush. You use descriptive words to voice your opinion or explain your feelings in detail, without holding back.

9. You Tend To Be Somewhat Moody

You can have a long conversation with someone one day, then walk right by them the next day. Your feelings drive you, and you tend to change them often.

10. You've Been Called "Clingy"

You may have been labeled as clingy in a past relationship. You hear the word associated with your name because you are extremely expressive with your emotions.

11. You Believe in Romance

Catherine from Wuthering Heights may be one of your role models. You believe in old romantic ideals and may also love books and movies based in the past.

12. You Bond Easily to Fictional Characters

When you're reading a book, you tend to identify strongly with one of the characters, and you feel what the character feels. Your favorite character dying in a book or a movie can leave you feeling upset for days.

If you find that your emotions often get the best of you, check out the video below for some tips on how to better control your emotions before they can control you.

h/t: higher perspective h/t: loner wolf