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12 Signs It's Time to Move On and Let Go

Letting go of the past is much easier said than done. When something has had a major impact on your life, it can be extremely difficult to move on. Strong emotional ties to a person or situation can leave you feeling stuck and unable to move on. While it's true that our experiences help shape who we become, being stuck in the past makes it difficult to truly embrace the present. Holding onto negative things that happened in the past will negatively impact both the present and the future. In order to move on from past experiences, you need to make a conscious decision to find peace with the past, and focus on your happiness in the present. If you feel stuck in a negative situation, here are 12 signs that it's time to let go and move on:

1. You're Unhappy

If you aren't able to enjoy your life or live in the present, it's time to move on and make your happiness a priority. Change your job, pick up a hobby, end a negative relationship — figure out what changes need to be made and have the courage to let go of the things that are dragging you down.

2. You're Exhausted

If your environment and the people around you are draining you, creating feelings of exhaustion, it's a sure sign that it's time to move on.tired

3. Your Belief System Has Been Compromised

If you're in a situation where your beliefs, morals or ethics have been compromised or are continually being question, it's time to stand up for yourself and your beliefs, and to leave that situation behind for good.

4. You're Faking It

If you find yourself constantly putting on a happy face in the presence of others, it's because you feel the need to hide your true self and your true feelings. Let go of old acquaintances who don't really know you, and focus on the friends and family members who do.feelings

5. You've Stopped Chasing Your Dreams

If you feel that your dreams are no longer relevant or possible, it's time to remind yourself of your purpose and your passion. Your dreams won't come to you, you have to actively chase them to reach them.

6. You Constantly Think About the Past

If your thoughts are more focused on the past rather than the present or the future, it's time to make a change. Do what you need to in order to make your present life fulfilling, and something to be enjoyed.lonely

7. The Past Pains You

If your past memories constantly bring you pain, it's time to make peace with what happened and move on. Until you can let go, your painful memories will negatively impact your present and future.

8. You Feel Isolated

If you're in a situation where you feel alone, misunderstood or disrespected, you're most likely surrounding yourself with the wrong people. Find new relationships with people who value you, listen to you and accept you for who you are.sad (2)

9. You Keep Trying to "Make it Work"

If you've attempted to make things work over and over again with no success, it's a sign that you need to move on. Don't look at it as giving up. It's choosing to make a positive change.

10. You're Bored

We all have obligations, but there are still plenty of ways to make life fun and exciting! Don't waste time being bored or resentful. Take a chance and make a change.bored sad

11. You're Constantly Making Sacrifices

Making sacrifices for others can be a wonderful thing, but if you find that you're constantly getting stepped on in the name of someone else's happiness, it's time to start focusing on your own needs, wants, goals and dreams.

12. You've Neglected Your Relationships

If you've been neglecting your personal relationships with the people who truly care about you because of another person or situation, you're not only hurting them, you're also hurting yourself. Figure out what change needs to be made, and make it — to make sure the people who love you stay in your life.

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