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10 Uncomfortable Feelings that Indicate You are Taking the Correct Path

Change. It happens to all of us at one point or another. However, it is an important part of human life that cannot and should not be avoided. What is change? Change is having the ability to move from one situation to another. For some people, change is usually brought about by a desire to want to change, but it is something that we all need to recognize if it is to happen. (Source) Change is not an easy process for anyone and may often bring on some uncomfortable feelings. Many people will take these feelings as a sign that they are doing something wrong and that they should take a step back and re-evaluate.

However, these 10 uncomfortable feelings mean one is taking the correct life path for them!

1. Isolation

shutterstock_250745014 Making a profound and personal change is a lonely task by nature. This type of change needs to be done alone, which makes isolation typical. It is normal to feel separated from friends and family during this time.

2. Difficulty Focusing

shutterstock_222912067 Change is a very stressful process for the brain, and a brain that is overworked does not function well. The left side of the brain, which handles the majority of the tasks one must accomplish from day to day, will quickly get burned out during a time of change. So forgetfulness and lack of focus are normal. (Source)

3. Anxiety and Restlessness

shutterstock_140446075 Any change be it a job, relationship, or spiritually based will stimulate the emotions. Also, imagining new possibilities will trigger one’s imagination. These things can lead to restlessness and anxiety. There are also those who worry about the changing process. This is normal as well.

4. Irritability

shutterstock_335250644 It is very common to feel irritated by the people one loves and cares about when they are in the process of positive change. Our habits are based off of the people we spend time with. Changing one’s self may mean changing behavior patterns one has learned from his or her group of friends. This will cause resentment or irritation.

5. Fear and Sadness

shutterstock_59983462 The bigger and more significant the change, the greater the fear associated with it. It is common to feel panic at the changes one is about to make. Don’t run away. Fear just means the change is that much more meaningful. Also, feeling sad about change means one is feeling the loss of their old life. This is a normal part of grieving and needs to be viewed as such.

6. Confrontation

shutterstock_287153663 If one is willing to change, that may mean that they are in some way, dissatisfied with their life or how those around them treat them. If a person wants a change, they may be more likely to call people out about behaviors they will no longer accept. This is very healthy!

7. Dissatisfaction

shutterstock_276015062 Feelings of dissatisfaction are present not because of the change but because the change is working. One will no longer accept what they previously had, and they are more likely to demand better for others and the world.

8. Feeling Lost

shutterstock_114318994 Feeling lost does not mean one is on the wrong path. It just means the person is dealing with a whole bunch of new expectations, emotions, and experiences. They are creating an entirely new reality. It is natural to feel lost when somewhere new.

9. Questioning Friendships

shutterstock_266722520 Changing one’s self-means changing one’s entire life. This includes any relationships with friends. It is common for a person to examine compatibility with their friend, even if the relationship is healthy. Current changes may mean some old friendships can no longer be sustained. This is normal and healthy. This includes romantic relationships.

10. Strange and Intense Dreams

shutterstock_106550774 Even while one is asleep, the brain is still working to process all the new experiences in his or her life. This can cause strange, intense or even negative dreams to occur. It is important to remember that these dreams are the brain’s way of working out all the heavy stuff. As one can easily see, personal change is a significant life experience and can cause many uncomfortable emotions. It is important to look past these feelings to see one's true self. Change is good and necessary to fulfill one's true life purpose.

Feeling a need to change? Take a look at the video below!

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(h/t: Life Advancer)