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10 Things Money Can Never Buy!

"Money can't buy happiness" is a popular saying. Many people, especially those who struggle with money, believe that more money is the key to happiness. If they only had more money, they'd be able to pay their bills on time, afford a bigger house, a nicer car, take vacations more frequently... After all, it seems that more money comes along with bigger and better opportunities. It can be easy to get caught up in "what if's" in today's society, where most people are always wanting more. While it may be true that more money could lead to less financial burden, it's important to remember that there are many things money can't buy.

1. Love

Money may lead to attraction or power, but one thing it can't buy is love. True love is intimate, genuine and has nothing to do with an insincere attraction to money or power.

2. Truth

Money is often used to push beliefs or a certain agenda on others, and it works. But the biased opinion of someone with money to spend does not make it the truth. In the end, no matter how much money is spent on covering up or altering what's really going on, the truth will come out.

3. Peace

The efforts of countries all over the world to establish peace have cost more money than most could dream of. Ultimate peace is something that comes from within. Money cannot buy true peace. new-life-1207327_1280

4. Beauty

Money can buy plastic surgery for every part of the body, but true beauty is something that lies within. Celebrities spend millions on hair extensions, makeup and cosmetic procedures, but self-acceptance and natural beauty is far more valuable.

5. Talent

While money may get you into a fancy school or allow you to take classes with the best in business, true talent is a gift you are born with. A learned skill is no match for innate talent.

6. Time

Every minute is time you will never get back. Learning to enjoy each and every day and not take anything for granted is something that money has no power over. Each person has to choose for themselves to be grateful, no matter how rich or poor they may be. clock-650753_1280

7. Kindness

Rude people exist across all classes. Having money cannot make you respectful or kind. How you treat someone says more about you than the other person. Choosing to be kind requires no monetary means.

8. Behavior

Money, especially having it at a young age, can greatly influence someone's thought process. The lines between right and wrong can easily become blurry when you have everything you want at your fingertips. Money can't buy good behavior.

9. Friends

Money can absolutely buy you friends — the kind who stick around because of the glitz and glamour, and could care less about your well-being. Friends who are there for you no matter what, through all of the up's and down's - true friends - are something money can't buy. picnic-1208229_1280

10. Acceptance

Some of the wealthiest people are never truly happy. They spend millions on houses, cars, clothing, surgery and other things to make themselves feel better, but true self-acceptance forms on the inside. Money cannot buy self-acceptance or self-love. h/t: power of positivity