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8 Super Veggies You Can Grow Indoors

How awesome would it be if, instead of having to trek all the way to the grocery store for veggies on a cold and wintery Sunday morning, you could just step out onto your balcony or deck and pick some fresh, healthy vegetables? Believe it or not, you actually can! I'm about to share with you 10 vegetables that you can grow with relative ease on your balcony,deck, or even your windowsill. And these aren't obscure vegetables you'll never want to cook with, either. No sir! These are vegetables you won't be able to get enough of. As an added bonus, they'll also bring some life and color to your home. So let's get right into it, shall we? Below each entry you'll find some quick tips as well as a handy video.

#1. Peppers

Closeness Red bell peppers can very easily be grown in containers or pots and plucked conveniently when you'd like to perk up your pizza, salad, or any dish of your choice. You'll want to choose a warm and well-lit place for your peppers – the temperature should be maintained between 77 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit or 25-27 Celsius.

#2. Carrots

Baby_Carrots_2 Make sure you choose a smaller variety of carrots and place your container of choice in a very well-lit area. The soil should be kept moist – but not soaked. The carrots will grow within 90 days.

#3. Mint

1024px-Mint-leaves-2007 Mint is a very low-maintenance plant. All it asks is that you take it to tea every once in a while. You can grow mint out of seeds or starter packs on your windowsill or even on your balcony during winter. Avoid direct sunlight and keep it watered regularly.

#4. Basil

You can grow basil with ease in both pots and containers using seeds or starter packs. Place pots in a sunny spot and keep them watered with good drainage.

#5. Cucumbers

Kurkkuja If you want to grow cucumbers at home, make sure you choose only F1 hybrid varieties as these will produce only female flowers. The male variety will taste bitter if you try to grow them in your home. Each plant will produce as many as 4 dozen cucumbers with a bit of effort. You'll need to transplant them regularly as they grow.

#6. Tomatoes

2962762666_1237ff6eb4_o You'll want to choose a dwarf variety of tomatoes for growing in your home. Keep them by a window, as they love lots of light. You can keep a continuous supply of tomatoes going by keeping your soil moist and protecting them from the cold.

#7. Ginger

ginger-1191927_960_720 I bet you didn't know ginger was such a beautiful plant, did you? To grow ginger, you'll want to buy a chunk of it from your grocery store and cover it in a container with soil. Make sure the freshest looking buds are facing up.

#8. Thyme

thyme-115349_960_720 Want to have your house smelling fresh? With time and a little thyme, it will. The main thing with thyme is to give it a good amount of light – even direct sunlight will do. Water the plant regularly to keep the soil moist, but not soggy.

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