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10 Inner Thoughts Of A Narcissist You Should Know

There are ten thoughts every narcissist has at some point or another, and they're a great way to find out whether you or a friend may be a narcissist.

These 10 inner thoughts may often control the behavior of a narcissist. A narcissist is practically in love with themselves and these thoughts reinforce the belief that they are "the best." The narcissist needs to be the center of attention so a lot of these thoughts are about whether or not they deserve that attention or whether they're getting as much detention as they rightfully deserve. If you're repeatedly thinking about these things then it may be time to consider the chance that you may be a narcissist.

1. How good do I look?

The narcissist is completely obsessed with their physical appearance. They are constantly making sure they look good. If they're not wondering whether or not they could look better, they might be thinking about how they could look better. This person's beauty routine is regularly on their mind. Overall, narcissists groom and preen and aspire to be the best looking in the room.

2. Why does everyone else look so bad?

You take such good care of yourself, but nobody else seems to care. You constantly think, "If other people spent a fraction of the effort I did, they'd look great." You judge people for not putting effort into their physical appearance. In fact, you believe that there is a certain level of care that you should give to your look every day, and you don't understand people who don't. According to Psychology Today a narcissistic man will only try to have a relationship with women who look perfect.

3. They're constantly thinking about what other people could be doing better.

A narcissist is a backseat driver, an armchair quarterback, and a busybody all wrapped into one. According to Health, the narcissist can't help but give you advice even when it's unsolicited. This is because the narcissist's mind is completely consumed with criticizing others. inner thoughts

4. They're thinking "Why is this taking so long?"

Narcissists have an inflated ego, that's for sure. However, how this ego displays itself day-to-day can be in small ways. For example, according to Health narcissists can't even stand to wait in a line. Narcissists thinks they are too important to be standing in a line, and they believe they have much more important things to be doing, even if they don't.

5. They're thinking of different insults and put-downs.

Narcissists have to spend a lot of time thinking about the negative aspects of other people. The narcissist can't help but put people down. Psychology Today says that they are prone to putting down inferiors and strangers. The narcissist often has a snappy insult for every occasion and they spend a lot of time thinking about them and coming up with new ones. inner thoughts

6. Do you want to dance?

Every narcissist works on the charm and physical good looks to appeal to those of the opposite sex. But of course, that gift of attraction is not for the other person. Oh no. A narcissistic person will feed off the devotion of the other person, as well as the compliments. On top of that, though, an attractive partner may be worn like another accessory - there to make the narcissist seem more appealing or "in demand."

7. They're thinking of new ideas.

The narcissist can often be found brainstorming. According to Health, a narcissist's ambition knows no bounds. This ambition often causes the narcissist to be caught up trying to think of new ideas. These ideas mainly revolve around how to make the narcissist famous in the long run. Many people mistakenly think the narcissist is daydreaming, but in fact their inner thoughts are hard at work hatching their next plot.

8. How to manipulate others.

While a narcissist may seem charming, what they're really doing is manipulating you. The narcissist knows how to turn on the charm according to Health. Psychology Today also talks about the narcissist's propensity to manipulate people and their "keen interest" in charming the other sex. Narcissists will spend a lot of time thinking about how they can get the upper hand in their relationships.

9. Their inner thoughts analyze every little situation.

According to Psychology Today narcissists are "hypersensitive and insecure," and this often causes them to repeatedly replay situations in their heads over and over. They're often wondering the true meaning behind situations that are likely benign. The narcissist will repeatedly reassess events from the past in an attempt to try to perfect future encounters.

10. Themselves - no one else.

At the end of the day your average narcissist spends all or most of their time thinking about themselves. No matter what the subject is, in the mind of a narcissist it always comes back to them as the primary concern. Narcissists don't spend much time thinking about others, and when they do. it's mainly to criticize or compare. In fact, the inner thoughts of most people are deep, but the shallow thoughts of a narcissist eventually bubble out into every encounter. Sources: Psychology Today Health NCBI