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These 10 Fixes are Either Genius or Scary! You Decide!

The most frustrating problems are the ones that seem so simple and yet, you can't for the life of you figure out a way around them... Y'know, things like your laptop charger falling out or your shoelaces consistently coming undone. These 15 people are having none of it. They're kicking everyday annoyances to the curb with their simple life hacks.

#1. You gon' charge today...

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails__605 The very first laptop I ever owned was this then-ancient Dell that would die as soon as you unplugged the charging cable. That wouldn't have been a problem at all if I had the brains of one Siddv from Imgur.

#2. When the plot is too good.

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-491__605 Reddit's u/crash-from-space posted this picture of pure genius. This would probably also work well for writing sombre poetry as you soak in the bubbles.

#3. Embrace the flaws.

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-771__605 (1) You're beautiful the way you are. So why shouldn't your car be as well? Don't repair those blemishes and dents – cartoonize them, Skullninja style!

#4. What could possibly go wrong?

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-521__605 You know what the worst part about conventional handheld mixers is? You can only use them for one thing. "That ain't right," said Milivoje Zarkovic. And indeed, it ain't. So, like the forward thinking man he is, Milivoje made things right.

#5. Can't find the right fit for your showerhead?

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-50__605 (1) Time is money and you don't have enough of either to justify walking through Home Depot for hours on a Sunday afternoon looking for the right showerhead. Imgur user 'DontKnowButHello' has you more than covered!

#6. Ha. Pay a landscaper? What would I do that for?

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-652__605 Reddit user kidculifa shares this brilliant alternative to hiring a landscaper to trim those tall hedges.

#7. That'll do.

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-49__605 Who can afford to close up shop for several days while contractors assess the damage? Just cling wrap it like Redditor hullobirdy.

#8. Wait a second...

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-55__605 On second thought, until we know for certain what's in that medicine bottle, I'm not sure we can ethically endorse this particular life hack from Reddit user dobias01.

#9. Best Buy Be Damned!

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-671__605 Reddit user Renchs wasn't going to be bothered with those costly specialized computer fans. No siree.

#10. Just In Case...

trust-me-i-am-an-engineer-funny-repairs-fails-531__605 Easyjet passenger Adam Wood tweeted this heartwarming display of airplane safety. Special kudos for choosing a color of tape to match the jet.>