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This 1 Ingredient Will Unclog Your Lymphatic System FAST!

Do you remember your high school biology? The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system. But instead of toting around oxygen, like blood, the lymph fluid picks up the trash. Unfortunately, you may need to unclog those lymph glands. Fortunately, castor oil can help. You probably don't think too much about your lymphatic system. But make no mistake – it's absolutely crucial to your health. Your lymphatic system carries blood plasma – also known as lymph – throughout your body, delivering nutrients to the cells and tissues that need it most. (1) Lymph also accumulates toxins and bacteria as it circulates throughout your body. When it comes time for those waste products to be taken care of, your hundreds of lymph nodes step up to the plate and pass the contaminated fluid on to your liver and kidneys for excretion. (2) Of course, things don't always run smoothly. Old age, obesity, arthritis, cancer and even certain medical treatments can clog your lymph glands, preventing fluid – and toxins – from draining. This leads to a whole host of health problems, including headaches, chronic fatigue, and digestive disorders. (3, 4) Sounds dreadful, right? Well, fear not – there's a really simple treatment I'm about to show you that will unclog your lymphatic system in no time!

Unclog your Lymphatic System with Castor Oil

lymph unclog castor oil According to several alternative health experts – including Dr. Axe – castor oil helps your body produce lymphocytes. These are cells that speed up the drainage of toxins from your lymphatic system when it becomes sluggish. (5) You don't need to drink the castor oil, which should be good news for anyone who's ever tasted it. Instead, you can let your skin absorb the oil by creating a "castor oil pack." (6) You'll need a cotton blanket just large enough to cover your abdomen. Feel free to fold the blanket if it's too large. Of course, you'll also need some organic castor oil. Pour the castor oil all over your blanket until it's thoroughly soaked. Then, simply place the soaked blanket across your bare abdomen, which is where one cluster of lymph glands resides. (7) Feel free to let your castor oil pack rest on your abdomen overnight. Occasionally, you may notice that specific lymph glands throughout your body become swollen. After checking with a health care professional to rule out any other cause for the growth, you can place a castor oil pack directly on the swollen gland. You'll probably want to stick to using castor oil topically, as it can cause an upset digestive tract. It also has a laxative effect. (8)

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