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The Power of Intention Training

In this 5-part training series I will take you through the most important and elevating habits and rituals that have transformed my life and thousands all around the world.

You will learn:

  • The power of writing, and how to do it in a way that creates flow, grace and abundance in your life.
  • The power of goal setting, and in a way that is expressive of your passions and goals.
  • The power of focused thought, or intention!

This is a powerful course, packed with the exact steps you can take right away in your life, to elevate yourself and others into a new level of experience.

BONUS: The Power of Intention in Leadership (FREE Inner Circle Call! Value: $97!):

  • Evidence and Implications of a Spiritual Conflict in our World
  • Learn how to remove blockages
  • Access Truth
  • Leadership Focus will be on: Intuition, Magnetism, Connection, Empowerment
  • Special Guest: Dr. Dave Woynarowsky to speak about DHA and Omega 3’s.