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Texas Pine Pollen Tincture

Texas Pine Pollen Tincture

An American Original: Wildcrafted Texas Loblolly Pine Pollen Tincture.

Made exclusively from the Pine Pollen of the species Pinus taeda wild-picked in the State of Texas.

This product is for both Men and Women.

Pine Pollen is best known for its: Testosterone Content, Anti-Aging Properties and Libido Enhancement

50ml (milliliters) in Miron Glass. Easy for Travel. Portable. 

Dual Extraction: Aged a minimum of 4 months.

Because pine pollen is seasonal, we can only produce a limited number of bottles of this product per year. Act Now. They will sell out.

What is Loblolly Pine Pollen Tincture?

This wildcrafted tincture is a dual extraction containing both the water-soluble fraction, as well as the alcohol-soluble fraction of wild North American Loblolly Pine Pollen. This means this tincture contains a broad spectrum of Mother Nature’s healing nutrients. Our Loblolly Pine Pollen has been aged in organic sugarcane alcohol in glass containers for at least 4 months (often longer) for superior flavour and medicinal qualities. 

Summary of Loblolly Pine Pollen Benefits

Natural Pine-Based Testosterone delivered in Alcohol

Jing (Primordial Lifeforce)

Chi or Qi (Energy)

Shen (Aura)



Muscle building



How to Use Loblolly Pine Pollen Tincture

Serving Size: 1 dropperful

Sublingually: Consume 1-3 droppers full each day of this Tonic Superfood Tincture. This is the best form of delivery that maximizes the potential of the testosterone being carried through the mouth mucosa and into the body unchanged. 

As a general rule, we make our tinctures strong so you get more value. If the tincture is too strong, simply dilute with water during use or use/add as follows:

One can also consume this tincture directly or add to drinks, water or any beverage.

In Beverages (add more!): Add 2-4 (or more) droppers full each day to smoothies, elixirs or water.

Storage Instructions

Keep tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Loblolly Pine Pollen Tincture

When male Loblolly pine pollen comes down from the pine trees in the spring, the pollen spreads far and wide via the wind looking to be lifted up to female cones higher up in the tree to pollinate. Because pine pollen depends on the wind, most of it ends up on the ground where the plant hormones in the pollen stimulate springtime growth in other plants. 

Pine pollen contains numerous plant hormones (which, when consumed, are believed to protect the human reproductive system) including: abscisic acid, auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins and ethylene, yet the main hormones are the phytoandrogens known as the brassinosteroids.

These phytoandrogens play important roles in slowing human aging. We collect the pine pollen for this product in the spring and put it directly into alcohol. It is In alcohol that these brassinosteroids become an absorbable source of plant-based: testosterone, DHEA, androstenedione and androsterone. 

While primarily considered a male strength and libido enhancer, our Loblolly Pine Pollen Tincture is also great for women for the same reasons: to improve strength, libido and fertility. 

Alcohol and glycerin are considered the best carriers of the phytoandrogens as they improve their direct and whole absorption into the body. 


The Loblolly Pine Tree (Pinus taeda)

Pinus taeda, aka. The Loblolly Pine, is perhaps the major pine tree in the Southeastern United States: across from East Texas to Florida and North to Illinois and New Jersey. 

As of March 2014, Pinus taeda was the organism having the largest sequenced genome size. Its genome, with 22 billion based pairs, is seven times larger than the human genome. The axolotl (salamander) surpassed Pinus taeda in sequenced genome size in 2018.                                                                                                                

The Loblolly Pine can reach a height of 30–35 meters (100–115 feet). Exceptional specimens may reach 50 m (160 ft) tall — the largest of the southern pines. Its needles are in bundles of three, sometimes twisted, and measure 10–20 centimeters (4-8 inches) long.

The name Loblolly Pine is derived from British slang and refers to a thick porridge or soup reminiscent of the lowland and swampy environment that this pine tree prefers. 


Loblolly Pine Pollen

Organic Sugarcane Alcohol

Hydrogen-Enriched Purified Water

Our Loblolly Pine Pollen tincture contains organic sugarcane alcohol and concentrated Pine Pollen Tea made using a hydrogen-enriched purified water in order to create a World-Class Dual Extract of one of the world's most revered superfoods. 

Wildcrafted Loblolly Pine Pollen Blend tincture is packaged in a 50 ml Miron violet glass container. 

Made in Texas. Made in the USA.

Special Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Keller

Nice and light, crisp and refreshing. I definitely want to buy 20 of these and see how many i can drink in one sitting before I turn into a pine tree 🌲
Stop wasting your money and going to the bars and drink tinctures