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Heaven Mountain Goji Berries

Heaven Mountain Goji Berries

In an 8 oz. Pouch (the pouch is specially designed to keep the goji berries fresh)

“These are the best goji berries in the world—and I have tried many many types, varieties and preparations. You’ll know right away when you try these. They possess exquisite taste, quality and juiciness. Nothing compares. Heaven Mountain Goji Berries are The Best Ever.” — David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe

Traditional Function

Builds blood, tonifies Jing and Qi, enhances Shen, benefits the eyes, benefits attitude.

Who can eat these berries?



Sun Dried Fruit


8 oz. (227g)


Eat a handful or 2 a day as a snack or make tea with them, add to salads, add to trail mixes or mix with superherbs.

The Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) is unquestionably one of the supreme superfoods in the world. You only need to consume an ounce or two a day to get all the amazing benefits that people have been experiencing from Goji for thousands of years. Heaven Mountain, a huge mountain in Central Asia, is the source of the best Goji in the world. These Goji are grown without the use of any chemicals, or even man-made irrigation. The Goji flourish on the glacial melt from the great mountain peaks. They are totally natural. They are not preserved or colored and never irradiated. Best of all, Heaven Mountain™ Goji Berries are far and away the best Goji to eat on the market today. They are naturally sweet and delicious, have fewer seeds compared to common Goji (other brands), and they are packed fresh in Asia, so they are much juicier than the Goji generally found in the American market. They may be enjoyed any time by the whole family.

Ingredients: Heaven Mountain Goji berries

An ounce a day, keeps you smiling away!

  • 100% Natural sundried Goji berries
  • Heaven Mountain Goji Berries are widely regarded as the best in the world.
  • Snack grade delicious
  • Plump, juicy and naturally sweet
  • Herb-grade serious – more than a superfruit, Goji is one of the major tonic superherbs
  • Extraordinary, balanced phytonutrient content
  • Di Dao from Heaven Mountain
  • No chemicals have ever touched these berries or the plants from which they are derived
  • No sugar, colorings or preservatives
  • Rich in natural vitamin C and Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides (LBPs)

Heaven Mountain® Goji Berries, the only Goji berries that are snack-grade delicious™

Heaven Mountain® Goji Berries are plump, juicy, naturally sweet, and absolutely delicious. Unlike other Gojis on the market, Heaven Mountain® Goji Berries are sweeter, fleshier and have less seeds. They have a much higher moisture level which contributes to their texture as plump and juicy.

Most Gojis on the market are rock hard. This is not without a reason. All the Gojis sold in the US come from China, whether they are labeled as Himalayan, Tibetan, or Wild. That translates to a very long transit time from the growing regions to the hands of the consumers. Typically, the berries reach the consumers at least 4-6 months after they are harvested. To stay shelf stable, most Goji farmers dry their Goji until the berries are bone dry and hard.

After years of research and development, Dragon Herbs has developed a special handling process and a custom designed packaging that allows the berries’ natural moisture level to be retained while satisfying the shelf stability required in commercial trade nowadays.

In a test conducted by an independent lab, Heaven Mountain® Goji Berries are shown to be twice as juicy as a competitor’s.

What makes Heaven Mountain® Goji Berries so special?

Simply put, Heaven Mountain. Heaven Mountain is a remote mountain range in the northern region of Xin Jiang Province, China. In a more sophisticated way, the concept of Di Dao used in the world of herbalism can best describe the relationship between the geographical and geological features of the region and the phyto-chemical profile of Heaven Mountain® Goji Berries.

The “Di Dao” of Herbs

There’s a great concept in Daoism known as Di Dao. The literal translation of Di Dao is “Earth Tao,” or “the Way of the Earth.” The Chinese dictionary definition of Di Dao is “from the place noted for the product ~ genuine, authentic, not from an inferior or counterfeit source.” According to the regulations of the Chinese Pharmacopeia, all herbal products manufactured and sold in China must utilize herbs that are Di Dao — that is, the herbs must come from a source that is considered legitimate and genuine.


The virgin land of the Gobi Desert has little vegetation. It has a very high content of alkaline minerals. The pH level of the soil can be as high as 8.7 (50 times more alkaline than neutral) and the soil salt content can reach 1%. Few plants can survive in this kind of harsh environment. Goji, however, being an extremely adaptable plant, thrives here.

Daylight Duration

Xin Jiang province has the longest daylight duration among all provinces in China (Tibet included). It averages 2550 to 3300 hours of sunshine per year. The intensive sun light allows for much more productive photosynthesis in the Goji plants, leading to more flesh, sweeter taste, and naturally, higher content of active ingredients such as Lycium Polysaccharides (LBP).

Precipitous Daily Temperature Fluctuation

Another unique weather characteristic of Xin Jiang is the precipitous temperature fluctuation between day and night, usually as much as 36 to 45 °F within a single day. The locals joke that in Xin Jiang, no traveling is necessary in order to experience the four seasons within one day. It is quite common that you start the day with a winter jacket, strip down to a silk shirt at noon, then at night, you can enjoy their famous watermelons, next to a bonfire, that is.

It is Heaven Mountain Goji’s superb adaptability that makes it a highly revered adaptogenic, stress-fighting tonic herb.


As part of the enormous Gobi Desert that covers southern Mongolia and northern China, Xin Jiang receives little to no rain each year. Every drop of water in the growing fields is derived from the melted snow and glacial runoff from the pristine Heaven Mountain. This water is pure and structured – it is nature’s ultimate irrigation system.

The water, the soil, the sunshine and the weather have the precise qualities necessary for producing the best, richest, tastiest, most potent Goji berries on Earth. As a result, they have an extraordinary and balanced phytonutrient profile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

My overall opinion is delicious!!
These berries are so yummy and so good for your overall health, I put them in my salad everyday and even eat them right out of the bag. I tried a few in my hot hibiscus tea the other night and now I won’t drink it any other way. Thank you David for bringing them to our attention and to your store.


Sweet, I never had them before and I love them, put a couple in my hot tea very tasty..