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Pürblack Shilajit

Pürblack Shilajit (pronounced shee-la-jeet)

Shilajit is a high-mountain black-brown resin also known as Black Gold, Born of Stone, Destroyer of Weakness 🔥

30 grams in a Miron glass jar (comes with the Pürblack's patented stainless steel Shilajit spoon)

⚫️  Regenerative Bio-Active Shilajit is an enhancer of primordial life-force (Jing energy). This version also contains: 🔑 100ppm Coated Gold and 100ppm Coated Silver 🔥🔥🔥 

How to Use?

Pürblack resin is easy to use. Use 1/4 of a teaspoon Pürblack Shilajit to make tea and/or add to elixirs or blended drinks. Simply scoop a pea-sized ball of resin from the jar, then dissolve it in your favourite beverage.


  • The Shilajit resin can be rolled into pills for fast swallowing.
  • Packaging technology allows for 100% resin usability.
  • Dissolves perfectly in any liquid or beverage.
  • Convenient dissolution with the patent-pending device, Pürscale.
  • Travel friendly jar.

“Shilajit Live Resin® by Pürblack is the highest-quality Shilajit on Earth. And I have tried them all over a period of 15+ years. Many great products, yet Pürblack is the best quality and has the best quality control. I love Shilajit tea and Shilajit with chocolate/cacao (what a combination!).” ~ David🥑Wolfe

⛰ Shilajit is a complex mineral resin sourced from high elevations in the most pristine parts of the world. This ancient super nutrient has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Tartarian medicine to not only heal the body of specific deficiencies, but also activate full cellular potential. This may be the most powerful adaptogen available on the market, helping us adapt to stresses of all types. Shilajit has been shown to enhance sluggish metabolism and assists mitochondria with energy production.

Shilajit is generally ranked #1 in Ayurvedic medicine of all medicinal substances.

Shilajit is a powerhouse of nutrients, natural elements and biologically active organic substances that the human body can easily assimilate. Authentic and genuine Shilajit quickly shifts human chemistry towards health and longevity.

🌈🌈  The important compounds of shilajit are almost all color pigments. They include:

• Humic acids (brown-black): These are the principle carbon-based compounds of soils. Ashless humic acids and humates are principal active ingredients of Shilajit. These have anti-viral effects. Humic acids are known to partially neutralize graphene oxide in aquatic environments. (

• Fulvic acid (brown-black): This is a lighter form of humic acid containing more oxygen. Fulvic acid is a “carrier molecule” that helps transport nutrients to and away from cells. Fulvic acid is excellent for detoxification.

• Dibenzo-alpha pyrones and biphenylcarboxylates (brown): These are the unique health giving compounds in shilajit. They help with energy production in the cell via epigenetic signaling (on the cell membrane). These compounds are believed to work synergistically with hemp and balancing out the effects of cannabis.

• Phenolic acids (colorless or pale yellow): These the basic building blocks of flavonoids. They are co-enzymes in that they boost the absorption of nutrients like vitamin C.

• Iron-containing quinones (yellow to red): These compounds may act like super antioxidants.

🌈🌈  Important colorless compounds in Shilajit include:

• Phospholipids (oils): These help with the uptake of omega 3 fatty acids.

• Triterpenes: These are bitter cancer-fighting compounds often found in medicinal mushrooms.

Shilajit typically contains 84 minerals. Shilajit’s most studied minerals include: carbon, iron, calcium copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum and phosphorus.

⚫️  The main mechanism in which Shilajit works is that the fulvic acid drives the dibenzo-alpha pyrones and biphenylcarboxylates to the cells. This combination is believed to deliver the following effects based on historical use and scientific research with animal:








Improved cognition and memory

Improved production of white blood cells


Painkilling effects


Pürblack recommends 250mg – 500mg of resin taken once or twice daily, ideally on an empty stomach. The minimum amount of Pürblack serving is 100mg. For children, 50mg to 100mg taken daily is enough. A higher shilajit resin dosage may work best depending on the reason for intake. It is best to consult your health advisor or contact us directly for advice on how much you need for optimum benefit.

Supplement cycling intake works well with Pürblack. You can take a 3-4 day break after each jar if this is preferred.

⚫️  Shilajit is a brown-to-black mineral resin or tar of organic origin that emerges from rock strata in the high Himalayas and Hindukush range and Ural Mountains yet is also found in the Rocky Mountains of North America, in mountainous regions of Northern Europe and in Antarctica amongst other places. Shilajit literally means “born of stone” and is often referenced as the “destroyer of weakness.” It is considered a pre-eminent tonic in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a carbon-rich, black longevity substance.

🏔 Shilajit’s legend and lore speaks of observations made by villagers high up in the Himalayas that led to its discovery. These villagers observed that monkeys would migrate up into local mountain regions in the warm summer months. They noticed these monkeys chewing semi-soft goo-like substances that oozed from between layers of rock in the summer. The villagers attributed these monkey’s notable strength, longevity and intuition to this strange black tar-like substance. The villagers began to incorporate Shilajit into their own diets and achieved a broad spectrum of improvements in health. They reported more energy, a positive change in how their bodies dealt with stress, improvements in digestion, increased sex drive, improvements in memory and cognition, and improvements in the quality and quantity of life. These are the benefits still ascribed to Shilajit today.

🏔 Himalayan natives usually get the recognition for the discovery of shilajit resin, but anecdotal evidence shows that locals around the Altai mountain ranges of Russian Tartaria have been using the substance earlier. They called it mumie.

⚫️  Shilajit is often associated with the sacred, super-medicine known as Soma of the ancient Vedic text: the Rig Veda. The Rig Veda mentions that soma “has mountains and stones for its body” and “dwells within the mountainous rocks where it grows.” Shilajit emerges as a thick tar from rock sediments on steep cliff ledges and faces anywhere from between 4000-5000 meters in altitude, although lower altitude Shilajit samples have been reported.

How is Shilajit created? The latest scientific research indicates that Shilajit may be created by an interaction of Sun-heated rocks, soil, and the roots of high-altitude plants, algae, mosses and microorganisms. Although the most well-known Shilajit originates in the Himalayas and Hindukush mountain ranges, Shilajit resins also show up in other high altitude mountain ranges around the world at particular altitudes. This indicates that a particular phenomenon creates Shilajit or causes it.

⚫️  Pürblack™ outperforms all conventionally made Shilajit and Mumie resins in quality and efficacy.

Manufactured under (US Patent:10,130,656 Application: 16/167,200).

Each jar has an individual serial number linked to the Pürblack Database to ensure quality control.

Pürblack Shilajit manufacturing is fully controlled by a US company.


  • FDA requirements COMPLIANT. Comprehensive, transparent, testing. Prior notice filings.
  • Certificate of Analysis and Independent testing are public.
  • Passes all authenticity tests for Pürblack Live Resin, Shilajit and Mumie.
  • Tested for safety and purity. Each batch tested in independent US labs.
  • Each jar has a permanent individual serial number matching the content.
  • Highest level of protection against counterfeits from India and Russia.


Over 95% of “Shilajit supplements” on the market are imitations containing little to no genuine substance, sold in a powdered form, or turned into Shilajit capsules. Real Shilajit, as described in the ancient Vedic medical text Charaka Samhita, was always a resin. The same substance known as Mumie or Moomijo used in the North by Siberian natives was always in resin form as well. Powdered varieties usually get their bioactives from soil extractions with some actual resin added to them. Fillers are generally used to give the pretense of having more while keeping the price down. Various terms like “natural” or “organic” are usually in the label.

The manufacturers hype the origins too by claiming that it is “Himalayan Shilajit” or “Nepali Shilajit,” as an attempt to add legitimacy. It is impossible to ascertain the truth unless the manufacturer or marketers video-documented and geo-tagged the material from the collection point all the way to packaging it.

Those manufacturers also tend to overemphasize fulvic acid content, an ingredient found in soils and used in fertilizer. When it comes to efficacy, fulvic acid depends significantly on the source. Fulvic acid extracted from soil remains substandard, as compared to that contained in Shilajit. Furthermore, what makes Pürblack unique are its ashless humic acids, and not merely its fulvic acid content.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great product

Nothing like it

There is just nothing like a high quality shilajit and there are very few truly good ones out there online. I love David Wolf's products because they are always the best; no compromises on quality, purity and potency.
I had an old injury that had seriously reduced my range of motion in my shoulder. After a couple of months of taking shilajit I noticed I had full range of movement back. That was my first experience, and I know it was doing that all over my body, not just my shoulder.
Shilajit also has an amazing ability to power me through the day, without any stimulant effects. SO GREAT when fasting and cleansing, keeps me strong and active. I don't like the taste myself but it works well with other earthy, bitter(ish) flavors that I do like, similar concept to coffee. So I dissolve in a little hot water for a few minutes and add it to tea with various other herbs and it's totally fine that way. This is one product that I intend to use every day for the rest of my life.


I've been taking purblack shilajit for a little over a month and I really like the taste, but I am not sure how much it has improved my health. It might be a subtle change that I have not noticed, but nothing obvious. I was hoping to have less tiredness and better quality of sleep. I am going to purchase a second jar and see if I notice a difference.


I love this product, recommend 100%. I actually enjoy the taste, I make tea with it. Tastes similar to white pine needle tea.


Was not prepared for it to taste like it looks. It's has zero smell to brace you for it either.

That said, I've felt like a million bucks since starting it. Kinda like wheat grass. You take the shot, make the face, feel great.