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22-ReishiMushrooms Tincture

13 Different types of Reishi Mushroom + 9 additional Medicinal Mushrooms

Tincture (contains alcohol)

Concentration: 8:1
Specifications: 2 fl. oz. (60 ml)
Other Ingredients: Water, Grain Alcohol (30% by volume)
Dosage 3-12 drops per day to begin. Increase to 1-3 droppers full daily after using the product for several weeks. Also use as directed by your health care practitioner

Product Features:

Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction of Wild Medicinal Mushrooms.
A unique formula and rare in the entire world
Made with 22 WILD mushrooms.
Each mushroom is a phytochemical treasure house.

22 ReishiMushrooms is a unique, extremely potent tonic mushroom extract designed by Ron Teeguarden based on current and traditional “wild woody mushroom” connoisseur-usage in Asia.

22 ReishiMushrooms was ten years in the making and is a supreme herbal achievement that serious herbal connoisseurs will appreciate and enjoy.

There are a few “Reishi emporiums” in China that sell very powerful, wild-collected woody mushrooms that are all categorized as “Reishi-related.”

There are 22 varieties of mushrooms available in all these specialty emporiums. Ron Teeguarden has collected all 22 of these powerful tonic mushrooms and has had them extracted together using the world’s most advanced extraction technology to produce an over-the-top protective tonic mushroom elixir. The mushrooms used to make 22 ReishiMushrooms are 100% wild. Some of the mushrooms were growing in pristine nature for decades.

The mushrooms have an extraordinary range of activities that protect and support our glowing health. All wild “Reishis” have powerful Shen tonic properties, so this formulation is both an immunological powerhouse and a spiritual elixir of the highest order.

22 ReishiMushrooms contains Reishi-related woody mushroom from the major mountains of Asia, including the Himalayas, Changbai Mountain, Heaven Mountain, Song Mountain, the Kunlun Mountains, Wuyi Mountain, the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) and others.

22 ReishiMushrooms belongs in every serious tonic power-user’s home elixir bar. Because the mushrooms are rare and wild, quantities each year are very limited. There will be some natural variation from batch to batch, but there will never be any mushroom product more potent than any batch of 22 ReishMushrooms.

Ingredients: Wild Ice Man's Fungus fruiting body, Wild White Hoof Reishi fruiting body, Wild Chinese Yew Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Black Reishi fruiting body, Wild Green Reishi fruiting body, Wild Antrodia fruiting body, Wild Bamboo Yellow Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Tibetan White Reishi fruiting body, Wild Spotty Brown Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Artist's Conk fruiting body, Wild Red Bamboo Reishi fruiting body, Wild Thin Cap Reishi fruiting body, Wild Backward Stem Purple Reishi fruiting body, Wild Red Reishi fruiting body, Wild Golden Reishi fruiting body, Wild Stemless Red Reishi fruiting body, Wild Purple Reishi fruiting body, Wild Beehive Reishi fruiting body, Wild Siberian Chaga fruiting body, Wild Tiger Milk Reishi fruiting body, Wild Black Hoof Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Pine Needle Mushroom fruiting body, Wild Trametes fruiting body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Reanna Strong
Just ok

Very strong alcohol taste
Have used 1 full dropper a day for 1 week
I don't notice any effects necessary
But I will continue to take until gone

Hi Reanna!
Yes, most tinctures have a very strong alcohol taste. We do believe the benefits are worth it!


Excellent quality!