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Pine Needle Tincture

Wild Texan Pine Needle Tincture

50 ml Miron glass bottle

This product is an ideal combination of youthful green Loblolly pine needles soaked in alcohol, glycerin and water. All three draw out different aspects of the pine needle and together they are combined to deliver a perfect bright “pick me up”, work companion and travel essential. The flavour finish leaves your breath fresh and a smile on your face.

Dose: 1-2 dropperfull(s) when desired.


Wild Loblolly (Pinus taeda) Pine Needles

Organic Glycerin

Organic Ethanol Alcohol

Hydrogen-Infused Purified Water

Made in Texas.

Made in America.

100% sourced from wild Loblolly pine trees (Pinus taeda)

Pine needles contain no caffeine.

Pine needles and pine needle tea have been consumed historically for thousands of years. Pine needles are believed to be one of the primary original health-giving herbs consumed by humankind.

“Pine needles are actually incredibly nutritious. My scientist friend Ramiz Saad has done research on the mineral content of thousands of foods and herbs. He found pine needles to be in the top 7 of all foods and herbs in the world in their content of minerals and trace minerals. The Loblolly pine tree in particular contains most of its minerals in the pine needles themselves, more than in the stem bark, stemwood and branches.”

What are pine needles composed of?

 Pine needles are an excellent source of vitamin C, minerals, trace minerals, shikimate, protein and essential oils. We perform a triple extraction of fresh green wild Texan Loblolly Pine Needles in order to get the maximum uptake of the following nutrients:

Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium.

Trace Minerals: With one of the highest concentrations found in any plant, pine needles rival green tea in trace mineral content.

Vitamin C: A cup of pine needle tea typically contains 3-5 times the vitamin C of an equivalent volume of orange juice.

Shikimate: Pine needles consist of between 1.5-2.5% shikimic acid or shikimate. Shikimate is an excellent precursor to motor coordination, clear thinking and the ability to smell. Shikimate is the precursor to substances that eventually influence the substantia nigra at the core of the human brain.

Protein: the dried matter weight of pine needles consists of approximately 3-5% protein. The main amino acids are: arginine and proline. Pine needles also contain the imino acid guanidino (this is not a mistake, this acid is an imino acid, not an amino acid).

Essential oils commonly found in pine needles, include:

  • α-pinene
  • β-pinene
  • β-phellandrene
  • D-limonene
  • germacrene D
  • δ-3-carene
  • β-caryophyllene

This pine needle product is different from our pine pollen products. This pine needle tincture works primarily thru its rich nutrition, whereas our pine pollen tincture and pine pollen glycerin products work primarily through their content of brassinosteroids.

Pine needles are not considered an ideal herb for pregnancy because when cows overeat them, they can act as an abortive. Further research is required for humans due to the obvious differences amongst the mammals.