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Remove Unwanted Guests (RUG) – Parasite Cleanse

A Remove Unwanted Guests (RUG) is a parasite cleanse for those moments when you want to manage a situation that's gotten out of control.

RUG utilizes real herbs and enzymes that work mechanically throughout the digestive tract and absorb naturally through the intestines and portal vein (like food) into the liver and blood—no harsh concentrates or oils are used. 

Use: Intended for use over a 1-3 month period. Take one capsule each day on the first week, two each day on the second week, three each day on the third week and 4 or more each day on the fourth week and each week thereafter. Generally, a month straight is a good start — if you notice a release of Unwanted Guests continue the product for 2 or 3 months as needed. When desiring a parasite cleanse, use the suggested protocol below.

Suggested Use: Take RUG with food twice a day. For those with hardy digestion, try also on an empty stomach twice a day.

Day One: 1-2 Capsules

Day Two: 3-4 Capsules

Day Three: 5-6 Capsules

Next two weeks: 8-10 capsules daily. Remember to stay hydrated while using RUG, and monitor bowel function maintaining 2-3 movements each day. Be sure to eat fiber-rich plant food such as fruits and especially vegetables when taking RUG. If you feel nauseous or lethargic after taking RUG, reduce dosage or discontinue use.

Ideally, take RUG capsules with food.

is there a maximum dosage? A full-grown female adult maximum dose per day is 6 capsules broken up between the morning and evening. A full-grown male adult maximum dose per day is 10 capsules broken up between the morning and evening. 

David Wolfe uses RUG 4 months a year (1 month each season) to maintain an Unwanted Guest-Free environment!

Each bottle contains 150 vegan (tapioca) capsules and each vegan (tapioca) capsule contains 500 mg of herbs and enzymes.

About The RUG Parasite Cleanse

Many people think that parasites are a third world problem, with those of us living in developed countries being exempt.

But while parasitic infections do run rampant (and can be more acutely deadly) in third world countries with poor sanitation, developed nations aren't in the clear.

In fact, research shows that most Americans have one type of parasite or another. In the case of toxoplasmosis alone, more than 60 million Americans have it — and that's just one type of parasitic infection! (1)

If you travel frequently to tropical, less than sanitary environments or eat undercooked meat or sushi, you are at risk of parasitic infections.

A regularly followed parasite cleanse protocol can help you get rid of unwanted guests naturally, preventing symptoms like:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

Did you know that unwanted guests can also cause sugar cravings? It's true – and if you heed those cravings you can fall victim to a whole host of other symptoms associated with a high-sugar diet.

You'll also be giving the parasites the energy they need to proliferate in your body, making your troubles much worse.

Still don't think parasites are a big deal? Think again – check out the shocking video below!

Key Ingredients In RUG

The RUG parasite cleanse contains a number of research-backed ingredients that get to the root of parasitism and provide fast-acting benefits.


Cloves contain one of the most powerful germicidal agents in Nature – eugenol. (2)

Scientists have discovered that clove dissolves the eggs left behind by parasitic worms. In fact, researchers believe clove oil is one of the only natural oils that can completely destroy parasitic eggs. (3)


Wormwood has grown in recent popularity, thanks in no small part to its presence in powerful antimalarial drugs.

Of course, it has another use as well; eliminating parasites. Wormwood is particularly effective against pinworms and roundworms. (4) 

Wormwood is very effective when you take it alongside other natural remedies, such as black walnut and clove – both of which are in the RUG parasite cleanse.

Chanca Piedra Extract

Chanca piedra extract is a popular parasite cleanse ingredient because of its liver-strengthening capabilities. (5)

Getting rid of parasites is only half the battle; combatting their negative effects on your body is equally important. Parasites release toxins into your system, with this process actually increasing as you start to fight them off.

Chanca piedra helps keep your liver strong and healthy so it can filter out these toxins effectively.

Black Walnut

Black walnut is renowned for its ability to cleanse the body of tapeworms. (6)

This is its most common medical use, another being removing blockages from the intestines (constipation). Black walnut can also destroy toxins in the body and help you burn excess fat.

With black walnut in the mix, you might be surprised at what comes out along with all that impacted stool you may be carrying around.

Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Milk thistle seed extract has strong liver-protecting properties. Practitioners frequently use it as a complimentary treatment for patients with various types of liver disease. These liver disease types can include alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease and even some types of liver cancer. (7)

Researchers believe that milk thistle seed extract works by combatting free radical damage in the liver. 

Milk thistle seed extract is a suitable parasite cleanse ingredient because of the liver's importance for detoxification.


Amylases are digestive enzyme that occur naturally in foods like mango. (8)

Without amylases, your food would not digest properly. This can create an unhealthy environment in your digestive system that may be conducive to parasitic growth.

Full Ingredients List: Proprietary Herbal Blend Including Cloves, Black Walnut, Wormwood, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Chanca Piedra Extract, Protease, Alpha-Galactosidase, Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Bromelain, Papain

This proprietary blend has been heavily tested and proven to reduce and alleviate parasitic infections.

David Wolfe trusts Remove Unwanted Guests enough to not only put his name on it but also use it regularly as a parasite cleanse.

Grab a bottle (or three for maximum effect) today and see what all the hype is about!

Watch David Wolfe Discuss Parasites In EPIC Livestream:


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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