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NoniLand Black-Red Honey (Raw, Unheated, Unprocessed) - From David Wolfe's Farm (250mL)

NoniLand Honey (Raw, Unheated, Unprocessed) since 2006

The Essence of a Pure Rarified Hawaiian EcoSystem.

Unmatched Quality.

Ethical Collection (no machines).

Gourmet Flavour.

US Grade A Honey. Premium. No Chemicals. No Antibiotics. No Pesticides. Ever.

Packaged in Miron Glass: known to keep honey completely fresh for five years.

The story of NoniLand Honey begins as a journey into our imagination. Our story takes place within a jungle paradise setting on the north shore of one of the Hawaiian Islands: this is NoniLand. NoniLand is a certified organic, certified biodynamic agricultural research center, bee sanctuary and farm. Now picture all the trees at NoniLand sending their roots deep into mineral-rich soils, while extending their leafy branches into the warm, tropical sun and calm ocean breezes.

What we have here at NoniLand is a new type of honey from a rarified ecosystem, distinct from both wildflower and single flower varieties. NoniLand Honey is made from the blossoms of a wide variety of highly-nourished plants and trees, offering a concentrated source of life-giving mana, and a continuously flowing stream of live enzymes, negatively-charged hydrogen (hydration) and trace minerals.  

The bees at NoniLand feed and collect pollen from the the following flowers around the NoniLand farm in order to create this unique, world-renowned honey: acai, aloe vera, angel trumpet, avocado, banana, baobab, black sapote, breadfruit, bottlebrush, christmasberry, coconut, coleus, eggfruit (lucuma), Egyptian star, ginger, guava, Hawaiian bird peppers, jackfruit, hibiscus, Jamaican vervain, katuk, kukui, lehua, lemon, lilikoi (passion fruit), lime, longan, lychee, mamey, mangosteen, Mayan dream herb, mango, moringa, mucuna, noni, Okinawa spinach, papaya, pau d'arco, Peacock flower, pua kini kini, rollinia, soursop, spider lily, Suriname cherry, sweet potato, ti, tobacco, tulsi, turmeric, yacon and more.

The bees responsible for producing NoniLand Honey have been rescued from the walls of homes and buildings in Hawaii where they had made their home and then were threatened with destruction by insect exterminators. We have gone in, removed the hives from these homes and buildings, and relocated the hives to NoniLand. These bees have been brought to NoniLand to feed exclusively on the blossoms of plants and trees nourished with diluted, Ormus-rich biodynamic preparations and compost teas. As the Ormus elements slowly move up the trees and gain full strength within their flowers in full bloom, the bees are instinctively attracted to an increase in life-force present in the pollen. This life-force in the pollen transforms the bees, hives, and inevitably the rich, complex honey they create. The elevated vitality of NoniLand plants and trees and the mana of the superheroic NoniLand bees result in a brilliant, rich, unique honey saturated with trace elements, high in living enzymes and overflowing with antioxidants.

The bees so love NoniLand, that our farmhouse is gradually filling up with beehives and honey in the walls that we will not — and cannot — harvest. At NoniLand, bees are allowed to be free and are allowed to be loved! The farmhouse is literally generating new queen bees (and hives) and allowing them to spill out into the local environment. 

The Benefits Of Raw Honey such as NoniLand Raw Honey

"Though science has been slow to appreciate the life force present in all various types of honey, present-day research has now confirmed our intuition. The Russians realized in the 20th century that the longest-lived people in their nation were beekeepers and, in particular, honey eaters. Made from the nectar that bees sip from flower blossoms, honey is a universal medicine, sweetener, and nutrient resource. The tremendous amount of research conducted on honey in Russia indicates that raw, unprocessed honey is nature's richest source of live healing enzymes and that it increases reflexes, mental alertness, and even IQ!" ~ David Wolfe, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future   

Raw honey is beneficial, both internally and externally. Used as a topical wound salve, it acts as an antiseptic cream to aid in wound healing.*   

It acts as a wonderful skin moisturizer, as well. Internally, raw honey supports the production of melatonin, essential to healthy sleep rhythms and tissue rebuilding.* As a replacement for white sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, raw honey can provide much needed support for weight loss efforts and healthy blood sugar control.*   

The antioxidants in raw honey promote healthy aging and longevity, and also may work internally to support healthy flora in the gut.* The phytonutrients in honey promote healthy immune response and provide further antioxidant benefits.*  

These phytonutrients are unique to raw honey, as they dissipate when honey is pasteurized and/or processed. Honey has long been used in folk medicine to soothe a burning throat and to aid in healthy digestion.*  

The amino acids in raw honey support healthy tissue growth and repair, and the enzymes promote the healthy breakdown of carbohydrates.*   

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  

Suggested Uses for NoniLand Honey   

Though NoniLand Honey is wonderful when enjoyed alone, it will naturally enhance many other meals and superfoods. One of the easiest ways to enjoy this nectar of Paradise is by drizzling it over your favourite breakfast or your favourite fresh berries and nuts. Enjoy slowly, with a small spoon, and savour every bite. As a product of the tropics, NoniLand Honey is the perfect addition to any superfood recipe, dessert, elixir, and/or smoothie. Create your favourite herbal teas and add NoniLand honey. Experiment with these flavours and watch your creativity bloom.

Due to the presence of anti-microbial Noni and Lehua pollens in NoniLand honey, topical applications of this honey will help to heal and soothe abrasions and burns.

NoniLand Honey is a favourite of Collectors as each batch is unique.

NoniLand honey is packaged in 8.45 fluid ounce (250 ml) Miron Glass honey jars (clinically tested to keep honey absolutely fresh for 5 years). Please store this Collector's honey at Room Temperature.


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