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This Solar Powered Tent Can Power All Your Mobile Gadgets

It looks like pretty soon, going camping will no longer mean watching your beloved gadgets die a slow and painful death until you are left completely cut off from the world outside the hundred acre woods. How soon? Well, whenever this solar powered tent is back in stock to be exact.
Photo: Goal Zero Photo: Goal Zero
The tent is the result of a partnership between outerwear manufacturer Eddie Bauer and solar-powered tech outfit Goal Zero. The tent contains wiring that allows you to, via solar panel, charge either a small battery pack made by Goal Zero, whose slogan is "Power Anything, Anywhere" or their monstrous (and monstrously priced) Yeti Solar Generator. How much power will you have at your disposal? Well, you will not have to lug the acoustic to your campfire jams, with a 1250Wh battery in your tent via the Yeti, able to power a couple of amplifiers as Wired puts it. If your ambitions are a little less rock n' roll – maybe you are a laptop lugging electronic producer – the Sherpa battery pack will do you just fine, offering a 50wh battery. Now, for the price ($600, as Wired lists – the tent is now sold out on the official Eddie Bauer site), you are not going to pick this thing up if you only go camping once or twice every couple of years. The battery pack will run you $200 (or $2000 if you'd prefer the Yeti generator). However, this could be great if you are a frequent traveller or even a blogger at events like Glastonbury. I am sure someone will have a blast with this thing in his or her backyard with their kids!> Chris Jafariehimage1 Chris Jafarieh is a Founding Member of Blaqk Diamond Group, a leading commercial real estate, and finance firm. He is also the creator of Green Diamond, an environmentally conscious division of Blaqk Diamond Group. Chris believes that raising awareness through education is the foundation for achieving sustainability in the commercial real estate environment and energy sector.