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10 Signs You May Be In the Presence Of A Ghost

Do you ever feel like you are in the presence of a ghost or other type of super-natural being? Read these 10 signs to see if you're in the presence of a ghost.

Ghosts, spirits, and the super-natural can all be very scary occurrences if you're unaware of their presence. Many ghost encounters can leave you feeling shook-up and scared, some can even leave you feeling differently than you did before the encounter. You may feel as if your home or a place you frequent is haunted by ghosts, some ghosts are more welcomed with a positive energy, while other ghosts are unwanted with their negative and harmful energy. Though ghosts cannot be seen with the naked eye you can look toward these 10 signs to see if you are in the presence of a ghost.

1) Sharp temperature drop

You can be standing in one spot and in seconds, you feel the temperature drop suddenly even though you have not moved. Sharp temperature drops are associated with ghost activity because mediums speculate that the ghost is drawing from the energy in the room, thus dropping the temperature. Sharp temperature drops can cause shivers and the hair on the back of your neck to stand up, causing an eerie effect.

2) Goosebumps and shivers

Do you ever randomly get goosebumps and shivers that you cannot explain? Well you may be in the presence of a ghost, goosebumps are a bodily reaction that occurs when your body is in danger. Many experts in the super-natural believe that goosebumps are your body's way of alerting you the the presence of a ghost. It is believed that your body can sense super-natural beings before you are able to physically identify them.

3) Temperature abberration

You can be walking through a perfectly cooled or heated room and suddenly walk into this inexplicably cold spot. These temperature aberrations differ from sharp temperature drops in the sense that you have to be walking around a room or building to notice the difference in temperature. This difference in temperature has lead mediums and others in the super-natural to believe that these temperature aberrations are where the ghost harvests their energy from

4) Strange noises

That strange noise that you can't figure out where its coming from may be associated with ghost activity. Strange noises can range from unexplained footsteps or other human sounds to doors closing. These noises often do not have a source when you try to trace where they are coming from. Often times, ghost activity can be linked to strange noises if the ghost is disturbed or if the ghost has a playful side and wants to make its presence known.

5) Odd smells

Do you ever feel like you smell something strange, but you can't seem to pinpoint what the smell is and it is normally only confined to a specific area? That may be a sign of ghost activity, ghosts are known to to let you know they are there by letting off a strange smell. According to super natural legend, good ghosts give off a fresh smell and bad ghosts give off a pungent odor.

6) Technology issues

With ghost activity, others have recorded issues with technology shutting off and on at inappropriate times. Ghosts have been known for turning on a stereo at full-blast at 2 in the morning, or have turned on the TV at weird hours of the day. Ghosts are attracted to the energy that is inside your technology and most of the time, it is a harmless prank ghosts like to play.

7) Feeling of being watched

Sometimes with ghost experiences, it is difficult to feel like you are actually alone and not be constantly watched. Your body has a way to detecting when you are in the presence of the super-natural and sometimes that feeling that you can't shake that you're being followed and watched can be attributed to a ghost energy following you.

8) House animation

With a haunted house sometimes it can feel as if your house is actually alive, rather than an inanimate object. With ghost experiences your house may experience things such as cabinets and drawers being opened and small objectives being placed other than where they were last left. With the presence of a ghost, you may randomly hear the clinging of silverware or other house movements.

9) Human voices

One of the scariest elements of a ghost presence can be the voices that can sometimes be heard. With ghost experiences others have reported on hearing a human like voice when no one was there and other human sounds like crying and laughing. Though uncomfortable, these noises may be a way for a ghost to try and communicate with you.

10) Animals can sense it

Before your body can sense super-natural activity and often many times before specialized equipment can pick up on the energy of the super-natural, animals can sense ghosts. You may notice your pet acting out in a strange manner such as barking at a corner of the room, or having your pet avoid an entire area of the house all together, these may be signs of a ghost presence in your home.