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David Avocado Wolfe Exposes Scientism: Responds to SciBabe’s Slander, Poor Research

An Internet search on google for David Avocado Wolfe will quickly yield a hit-piece article on me entitled “David Avocado Wolfe is the Biggest Asshole in the Multiverse” written by the Yvette d’Entremont, the so-called SciBabe, the face of scientism. scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe Yvette d’Entremont SciBabe This article Ms. d’Entremont wrote is clearly a hit (hate) piece designed to destroy the way people perceive me when searching Google and also to slander me into silence with hidden threats of more hit-pieces. It was created and written by Yvette, posted by a failing magazine named Outline and likely celebrated by Yvette’s openly admitted allies, which includes Monsanto (manufacturer of carcinogens such as Agent Orange, DDT, glyphosate, aspartame, saccharin, etc.). Yvette d’Entremont SciBabe scientism David Avocado Wolfe