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Poblano Peppers: 8 Benefits & Uses

Poblano peppers are a green, spicy pepper loaded with antioxidants. When it comes to heat, the poblano pepper is somewhere in between the banana pepper and the jalapeno. It's spicy, but it also offers some pretty amazing health benefits, thanks to the cancer-fighting capsaicin it contains. Poblano pepper benefits include the ability to aid in weight loss, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and promote eye health, among other benefits.

Poblano Pepper Benefits

1. Helps Fight Cancer

Poblano pepper benefits include cancer-fighting properties. The pepper contains Vitamin B2, which has been shown to help fight colon cancer. It also contains capsaicin, which is known for its powerful anti-cancer properties. Capsaicin has been studied for its ability to reduce the risk of prostate, gastric, breast and lung cancer. (1)

2. Aids in Weight Loss

Poblano pepper benefits include the ability to aid in weight loss. Capsaicin is linked to a faster metabolism, decreased body weight and appetite suppression. Pablano peppers also help maintain a healthy lipid profile, which can reduce the risk of metabolic diseases linked to obesity. (2)

3. Provides the Body with Antioxidants

The antioxidants in poblano peppers help protect the body from free radical damage. The peppers contain Vitamin A, which plays a role in eye health and skin health. They also contain quercetin, which has powerful anti-cancer properties.

4. Boosts Immunity

Poblano pepper benefits include a natural immune system boost. They contain Vitamin A, which plays a key role in immune response. Vitamin A helps maintain a healthy immune system to protect the body from the common cold, the flu and other illnesses. Poblano Pepper Benefits

5. Provides Pain Relief

Poblano pepper benefits include the ability to provide natural pain relief. Both quercetin and capsaicin have anti-inflammatory benefits. Capsaicin can be used as a natural headache remedyto provide relief from cluster headaches. Poblano peppers also contain Vitamin B2 and potassium, which can help relieve pain related to muscle aches, cramps and other PMS symptoms. (3)

6. Helps Treat and Prevent Diabetes

Poblano pepper benefits include the ability to help treat and prevent diabetes. The capsaicin they contain works to improve insulin response in diabetic patients. Research has shown that poblano peppers can be a beneficial addition to a diabetic diet. (4)

7. Reduces Inflammation

Poblano pepper benefits include the ability to reduce inflammation in the body. Quercetin, capsaicin and Vitamin A all have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits that can help reduce the risk of inflammatory conditions, including allergies, gout and arthritis.

8. Promotes Eye Health

Poblano pepper benefits include the ability to promote eye health. They contain Vitamin B12 and other antioxidants that can help prevent eye diseases, including glaucoma and cataracts. Poblano peppers contain a healthy dose of Vitamin A, which studies have linked to a lower risk of macular degeneration. Vitamin A can also help treat dry eyes and help prevent vision loss.