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These 9 Natural and Wonderful Aromas Can Improve Your Mood!

By simply smelling a certain scent, your brain becomes stimulated and can experience a range of emotions. Some scents are natural mood modifiers. They can help to relieve stress after a long day, promote positivity and even improve your memory. Many people use an essential oil diffuser in lieu of candles in their home for aromatherapy effects. Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots and other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The inhaled aroma is believed to stimulate brain function, and depending on the scent you choose, it can leave you feeling relaxed or ready to mingle. Here are a few you should try:

1. Rosemary

shutterstock_146567390 Rosemary can help restore you if you're feeling fatigued. It is fresh and spicy, and it activates the nervous system to leave you feeling refreshed and awake. It also has many health benefits, including its ability to stimulate hair growth, boost mental activity, relieve respiratory problems and reduce pain. Best combined with: basil, bergamot, orange, ginger, lemon, jasmine, grapefruit and patchouli

2. Frankincense

dreamstime_s_58750393 The aroma of frankincense is uplifting — It helps to reduce anxiety, fear and discomfort, while promoting serenity and peace of mind. Best combined with: Roman chamomile, cedar wood, jasmine, lavender, rose and sandalwood

3. Bergamot Orange

shutterstock_307284956 Bergamot is a plant that produces citrus, pear-shaped fruits. It has somewhat of a harsh fragrance that can help people cope with melancholy. The scent is antidepressant and simulating, and creates a feeling of freshness, joy and energy. Best combined with: Roman chamomile, lavender, sage, frankincense, grapefruit and sandalwood

4. Lavender

shutterstock_208207936 Use lavender to feel restored after a stressful situation. Its calming effects can help you to relax, and even fall asleep. The fresh flower scent can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation of the nervous system. Best combined with: lemon, sweet orange, bergamot orange, chamomile, patchouli and vanilla

5. Roman Chamomile

shutterstock_283524464 The aroma of roman chamomile is warm and sweet with some apple notes. It helps people cope with discomposure and frustration, and it can significantly improve sleep quality. It has a therapeutic, calming effect and can leave you with a sense of peacefulness. Best combined with: lavender, mandarin and sandalwood

6. Ylang - Ylang

shutterstock_211914226This essential oil is also known as love oil, due to its ability to enhance sex appeal. The aroma is strong, and embodies warmth, tenderness,attraction and sensuality. It can also be used to fight depression. Best combined with: sage, jasmine, patchouli, rose, sandalwood and vanilla

7. Grapefruit

shutterstock_370882529 The aroma of grapefruit can activate brain activity, encourage optimism and boost self-confidence. It stimulates the brain and the nervous system and has an uplifting and relaxing effect on the mind. Best combined with: bergamot orange, cypress, jasmine, sweet orange and rosemary

8. Rose

shutterstock_106651697 The scent of rose can help you feel more laid-back and relaxed. It promotes inner harmony and positivity, while enriching emotions and sensations. Its strong, floral fragrance is intoxicating and romantic. Best combined with: Roman chamomile, bergamot orange, sage and frankincense

9. Basil

shutterstock_166479725 Basil has a strong, spicy aroma that promotes a sense of balance and calms the mind. It has a refreshing effect and can be used to treat nervous tension, mental fatigue, melancholy, migraines and depression. Best combined with: cypress, lemon, mint and rosemary Essential oils are available at a variety of locations. These scents can have an amazing effect on your mood and well-being. If you want to try to make your own at home, check out the video below: