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Kelp: 7 Benefits & Uses

Kelp is a superfood loaded with nutrients. It's been a diet staple in Asian cultures for centuries thanks to its mayn health benefits. While the thought of eating seaweed may not sound very appetizing, kelp benefits include the ability to aid in weight loss, treat diabetes, prevent bone loss and even help slow cancer growth.

Kelp Benefits

1. Provides the Body with Iodine

Kelp benefits the body as a healthy source of iodine. Iodine helps support a healthy thyroid. It also helps protect the body against certain kinds of cancer and works to maintain brain health. Studies have shown that powdered kelp can help treat hypothyroidism in patients who are at a high risk of iodine deficiency. (1)

2. Aids in Weight Loss

Kelp benefits include the ability to aid in weight loss, thanks to the many nutrients it contains. Kelp contains a protein known as fucoxanthin. Studies have shown that this protein can help significantly reduce fat tissue. Fucoxanthin also has the ablity to increase liver function. Research suggests that kelp may work a a healthy weight loss supplement. kelp benefits

3. May Help Prevent or Treat Diabetes

Kelp benefits a diabetic diet by naturally improving blood glucose levels. A study published in Nutrition Research and Practice found that consuming kelp had a positive influence on glycemic control. It helps increase antioxidant enzyme activity in those with type 2 diabetes. Kelp is a safe and effective way to both prevent and treat diabetes. (2)

4. Helps with Some Blood-Related Disorders

Kelp benefits include the ability to help with some blood-related disorders. It contains a nutrient called fucoidan, which works to prevent blood clots that lead to stroke and heart attack. Kelp benefits blood disorders as a antithrombotic agent to help reduce clotting. Fucoidan also helps ensure proper blood flow. (3)

5. Slows the Growth of Many Types of Cancer

Studies suggest that kelp benefits include the ability to slow cancer growth. The fucoidan that kelp contains has the ability the kill cancer cells. Research has shwon that fucoidan has the ability to kill cancer cells in leukemia, colon, breast and lung cancer. Thanks to this nutrient, kelp is considered a powerful cancer-fighting food. (4) kelp benefits

6. Reduces Inflammation

Kelp benefits include the ability to fight inflammation that causes disease. As an anti-inflammatory food, kelp also helps improve cholesterol levels in the blood to improve heart health. Adding kelp to your diet can help strengthen the immune system and prevent inflammatory conditions.

7. Helps Prevent Bone Loss

Kelp benefits the body by preventing bone loss. It contains Vitamin K, which helps improve bone density to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. Consuming kelp can also help prevent a Vitamin K deficiency. The fucoidan in kelp contributes to bone health by helping to prevent age-related bone loss. It also helps improve the mineral density in bones.