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Irish Sea Moss - It's The Boss

Today, we live in a world up to our necks in health challenges. These include auto-immune diseases, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, and mineral deficiencies just to name a few. But what if I told you that there was a simple remedy from the ocean that helps with many of these illnesses plaguing society? Let me introduce you to Irish Sea Moss, the Boss of the Sea.

What is Irish Sea Moss?

Irish Sea Moss, also known as Chondrus crispus, is a mineral-rich red seaweed. And when I say "mineral-rich" I mean 92 distinct minerals. Wow! As you'd expect, Irish Moss contains iodine, which is an essential mineral for healthy thyroid hormone production. It also contains DI-Iodothyronine (DIT) which is a thyroid hormone precursor, making it an ideal food for those battling with low thyroid function. (1)

Through the use of large-scale industrial agriculture, soil has largely become depleted of nutrients. As a result, people are not getting the minerals they need from the foods they consume. Thankfully, we have Irish sea moss, which studies show can be a viable source of essential mineral and trace mineral elements. (2)

Irish sea moss

Furthermore, in vitro clinical trials revealed the benefits of Irish sea moss consumption on gut health, by enhancing proliferation of friendly bacteria in the gut microbiome through its prebiotic and immune-modulating effects. As an added benefit, Irish sea moss is a natural source of unprocessed carrageenan (55%), which is retains moisture. This characteristic helps both with skin moisturization and also for lipolysis, which counters cellulite. (3)

It is also a rare plant-derived source of the amino acid taurine, needed for the nervous system and muscle building. (4)

Whether you are trying to enhance your hair thickness, increase your skin moisture, or boost your gut health – Irish sea moss is a boss – a win, win, win situation!

Recipe: Irish Sea Moss Broth


Irish Sea Moss – 0.5 lbs Distilled/Reverse Osmosis Water – 1 Liter


(1) Buy the best organic/wildcrafted Irish moss you can get

(2) Thoroughly wash in filtered water to remove excess salt (sodium)

(3) Soak overnight or 8hrs in De-chlorinated water (they will plump up in size)

Irish sea moss

(4) Put in crockpot for another night or 12 hours and cover at least an inch above the moss with filtered water, on medium-low heat

(5) Drain the liquid into your favorite glass jar (May reuse the jelly fiber if you wish. It makes for a fabulous vegan gelatin substitute)

(6) Store in the fridge and it will last for weeks

(7) Use as a natural thickening agent for recipes, as a nutritive to help heal and seal leaky gut, as a restorative elixir for iodine-deficiency thyroid conditions, and more!

Discover some amazing soup recipes on and substitute Irish Sea Moss Broth for the water, if you'd like.
Please Note:

Irish Sea Moss is not the same as the Irish Moss you buy from the Garden Center and plant in your yard. While that's "Irish Moss," it does not have the same nutrient profile. This Irish Moss is known as Sagina Subulata. (5)

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