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10 Things All Highly Sensitive People Need In Their Life

There are ten incredibly important things that highly sensitive people need to have in their lives...

If you're a highly sensitive person, you know that life can be incredibly difficult. When you are highly sensitive, many things have a much deeper impact on you than it would on other people. What some people might consider "no big deal" might seriously set you off. It isn't our fault that we are highly sensitive people. In fact, many people are highly insensitive. Regardless of why we are more sensitive than other people, there are a bunch of ways to make our lives easier. If you are a highly sensitive person, there are ten things that you really need in life. Do you need these ten things to help cope with your higher level of sensitivity?

#1 Decorations in your home.

Sensitive people create sensitive environments for themselves. Especially around the holidays, a sensitive person can be found decorating their house with things that make their home more welcoming and inviting. Sensitive people like to create a warm and gentle environment because it makes them feel better. Having a depressing, dull, colorless, and bleak environment can be highly detrimental to a sensitive person's mentality.

#2 We need a longer adjustment period.

We aren't against change but we need more time than others to become accustomed to new things. When things change it takes us just a little bit longer to let go of the past. Sensitive people can be very attached to things and when you make changes they will need a longer adjustment period to cope with those changes.

#3 Blackout curtains.

Sensitive people sometimes don't want bright light shining in to their home during the day. We have all been there, whether the glare from the sun is ruining our enjoyment of our computer or television or if the sun is just so blinding and warm we can't deal with it - the sun can be a nuisance. Sensitive people like to be able to control how bright their environment is and while they don't always want it to be dark they like to have the option.

#4 Their privacy.

Sensitive people prefer having a place they can do to to be alone. A place, preferably, that they can call their own. Sensitive people like to have a private place to retreat to when they feel the need to have some alone-time. Sometimes a sensitive person needs time to be by themselves to they can help process things in life without interruptions or distractions.

#5 Healthy eating habits.

People who are sensitive are better off getting their full three meals a day plus snacks. A sensitive person will probably find it difficult to go a long time without eating. Just like a these types of people are extra sensitive to outside any outside stimulus they are also highly sensitive to how their body is feeling. A sensitive person should eat regularly to avoid feeling hungry and distracted throughout the day. Being hungry can have a serious impact on our mindset and has even more impact on sensitive people.

#6 A healthy sleep schedule.

A sensitive person cannot be sleep deprived. Sensitive people aren't tolerant to feelings like sleepiness or hunger. While no person likes to feel sleepy or hungry - sensitive people have these feelings only magnified due to their sensitivity. Someone who is sensitive should get their full 8 hours per night or even more depending on their sleep quality and the amount of sleep they are used to getting.

#7 Longer deadlines.

Sensitive people need extra time to get things done sometimes. It can be extremely stressful to have a jam-packed schedule with what seems like no time for yourself. However, for sensitive people this feeling can be overwhelming to them. Their stress levels go through the roof when they feel like they have too much on their plate. When a sensitive person feels overwhelmed they can also have feelings of hopelessness which are never good.

#8 Great conflict management skills.

Sensitive people are normally great mediators because they can see things from everyone's perspective. A sensitive person is also normally quite perceptive. Another reason sensitive people have great conflict management skills is that they need to practice those skills in order to avoid high-stress confrontations. When you have good conflict management skills you can avoid those types of stressful encounters.

#9 Compassionate and empathetic people.

Sensitive people like to be around other sensitive people. Sensitive people like being around people who are tolerant, open-minded and empathetic just like them. A sensitive person can't stand being around someone who is uncaring and apathetic. A sensitive person needs to have people around them who understand what they're going through.

#10 True friendships.

Sensitive people need their relationships to have meaning. A person who is highly sensitive will want their friends to be genuine and deep. Having a deep connection with someone is important to a sensitive person. Fickle friends aren't something a highly sensitive person will be able to tolerate. It is extremely important for sensitive people to build genuine, real, and sincere relationships otherwise they will feel meaningless.