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Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky For The First Time, With Hilarious Results

Given its close association with energetic, long nights out, you wouldn't normally associate Fireball Whisky with elderly women. That's all about to change, though, thanks to a new viral video that pairs the two to create a truly hilarious experience. The video, aptly titled 'Watch Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky For The First Time,' features four grannies, each having varying levels of alcohol experience. "I probably have something to drink every day," admits one. "I like a glass of wine." Another remarks, "During the Olympics, I had the entire Spanish yachting team to a big party in the backyard. That was very fun." Speaking of fun, it wasn't long before the grannies starting kicking back shots of Fireball. The results... Well, have a look for yourself. "I think we should go out and dance now." Did you know that a shot of whisky (even daily) can actually be good for you? Check out this post to learn more! Sources: Obsev, YouTube