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Fullerenol: The Carbon Your Body Craves

Anyone who's seen a campfire knows what charcoal is. From a belly ache to a bee sting, charcoal eases pain and discomfort of all kinds. But what on Earth is fullerenol? Is it just another charcoal? No.

It's so much more.

Charcoal itself runs the gamut from gentle to strong. While regular charcoal helps with mild problems, activated charcoal tackles the tougher challenges, like food poisoning.

Then the miracle molecule, Buckminsterfullerene, came to light. These are called "buckyballs" and for good reason. The fullerene molecule -- or Carbon-60 -- is

fullerenol buckyball fullerene c60 molecule

structured like a soccer ball. Actually, C60 is the most common buckyball structure, though there are others. But this "common" C60 molecule is still an uncommon supplement.


David Wolfe Foods has already brought to market C60 in olive oil, both original and super-concentrate. Those formulas put C60 in a fat soluble form, which will help the fat-loving processes in our bodies.

But the body is 70% water! So how do you get the amazing fullerene molecule in the "waters" of the body? That's where Fullerenol comes in.

Fullerenol: The Water-Soluble Fullerene

Fullerenol takes the magic of C60 to a different level.
Many of you know I have been researching Carbon 60 Charcoals (C60) for quite some time. In fact, I have literally written a book on the subject that I have yet to publish! I feel strongly about the healing powers of this incredible molecule and of Charcoal in general. So I am beyond thrilled to be bringing a brand new, cutting-edge C60 product to my Shop – FULLERENOL!

Have you ever mixed charcoal into water? If you have, you see that it's like mixing oil and water. They don't actually combine - the water holds the charcoal, but it doesn't contain the carbon. It takes a special process to create fullerenol, combining H2O and carbon together.

As long as fullerenes are solubilized completely in water in products such as Fullerenol, the fullerenes become stronger and are stronger anti-toxins. David Wolfe Foods uses the world’s leading technology for solubilizing fullerenes in water using a technique known as kinematic inversion.

Fullerenol C60 fullerene product image

The powerful C60 antioxidant (quite possibly the strongest ever discovered) is entirely unified with water, allowing us to use Fullerenol internally and topically. Due to its water solubility, this Fullerenol product is a highly Bio-Available form of the miracle C60 molecule.

So as a health and longevity supplement, this one has amazing potential!

However, this product is also difficult to manufacture and produce. Due to these challenges, a consistent supply is uncertain. Therefore, from now and into the foreseeable future, this product is available on a first come, first serve basis.

I have personally taken our Fullerenol product, on and off, for a couple years before having enough to produce for You. We have now perfected every part of the production of this extraordinary antioxidant, which is delivered to You in 100ml Miron glass bottles.

Dosages range from 1-6 droppers-full a day.

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Hear from David 'Avocado' Wolfe about this new, best-ever, supplement!