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What Your Fingernails Can Tell You About Your Personality

Imagine a personality quiz based solely on the shape of one’s fingernails. Well, it exists and is common in Japan. (Source) Also, looking at the nails and how they are developed is a common practice performed in palm reading. It is believed that the nails tell a lot about a person. (Source) Basically, the shape of one’s fingernails shows an aspect of an individual’s personality. I wasn’t sure about it, so I gave it a try.

My character was super close.

Take a look and I will share my results at the end of the article.

1. Broad and Flat

Nail 1 People with broad and flat fingernails are believed to be analytical and clear-headed. They think before they speak and are often turned to for advice. They can also have strong instincts and are an excellent judge of character. Because people with this fingernail type tend to be studious, they are known to enjoy building and crafting. Creating new things and having work pay off is very enjoyable for them. They also tend to be creative problem solvers and value usefulness over beauty.

2. Square and Even

Nail 2 Those with square and even nails tend to be more grounded and hardworking. These people do not take responsibility lightly and are natural-born leaders. They often find themselves trusted with important tasks because others believe it will be done correctly. People who fall within this nail type will do whatever possible to get the job done. However, they also know how to relax and have a good time. The workhorse is a party animal on the inside!

3. Short and Round

Nail 3 Those with short and round nails are often strong-minded, creative, and possess a dramatic flair. They radiate fun and excitement, so people are naturally drawn to them. However, they are incredibly loyal and protect the people they love. These people love challenges and adventures. They are bold and fearless and will never back down once they have set their minds on something. They can sometimes be considered stubborn, but that is because they know what they want!

4. Uneven and Short

Nail 4 If one’s nails are uneven and short, that person is probably a biter. These people are, however, also empathetic and observant. When they say something, they mean it and they value communication and openness. They are also careful when making new friends. Although on the outside they may look calm, people in this group tend to keep a storm of feelings beneath the surface. When they speak, people listen. Those close to them know they often speak the truth and that they can be relied upon for that.

5. Triangular

Nail 5 Those with nails pointed like a triangle are often bold and decisive people. They always know what they want. They are passionate, stubborn, and may be known as a firebrand. (That’s a compliment.) They know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it or just get it. These people work smart, not hard. They like to think things through before starting a task. However, once work begins, it is finished quickly, and the outcome is almost always fantastic.

6. Long and Rectangular

Nail 6 Those with long, rectangular fingernails tend to be sociable and bubbly, but also have a good head on their shoulders. They love learning new things and meeting new people. Anything that expands their world! They are very careful when it comes to work. Everything is thoroughly examined from every possible angle, and they always try to do the right thing. These people are very meticulous, detailed, and they consider even the smallest aspects of a problem or project.

7. Oval and Long

Nail 7 Creative people tend to have long, oval nails. They also draw strength and inspiration from the natural world. They are earthy, imaginative, and happiest when surrounded by beauty. People gravitate towards them when their worlds are hectic and noisy because they are gentle and serene. These types also tend to take on too much, but they know having multiple projects going keeps them happy. This is especially true if they are helping others. They put all they are into their work, and it shows.

8. Unique Cuticle Line

Nail 8 Those with a unique or uneven cuticle line tend to live off the beaten path. Their world, clothes, home, and taste buds abhor the ordinary. They are vibrant, colorful, and the place to be for a good time. Enjoyment is important for them, and their work ethic explodes when they are having fun. Try to make one of these people's tasks as enjoyable as possible and they will surpass expectations. Nothing they do is boring!

What do you think? Did your personality match?

As for me, I have long oval nails, and it matched a little. I do not need to be surrounded by beauty to be peaceful, but I commonly take on more than most people think I can handle. This is especially true if I can help another person.

Share your personality in the comments!

Source: Brightside