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Which Dharma Type Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

What is your path in life? In this great world of ours, each of us has an important role. Everyone belongs to a specific type of dharma. This goes beyond your job title, although it can have a lot to do with how you approach various facets of your work. Do your friends and coworkers seek you out for advice? Are you good at offering a fresh perspective and seeing things a different way? Do you excel at making others feel good? Whatever your talent is, everyone’s life serves a useful purpose.

Your dharma type can shed some light on your life’s purpose.

Dharma’s original meaning is "natural law." The root word, dham, means "to uphold" or "to support." Dharma is that which upholds the natural order of the universe. You, too, have a role in upholding that order. Dharma can also refer to ethical conduct and righteousness. In some Hindu cultures, it means "sacred duty." It is more than what you want to do, it is what you are called to do, in accordance with the universe. Whether you are a merchant, laborer, educator, warrior, or outsider, you have a significant role in this world.

Take this quiz to learn which dharma type you are:

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