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This Beautiful Chandelier Turns Your Room into a Forest

This chandelier or light structure titled Forms of Nature was made by Hilden Diaz. They are based on Darwinist Ernst Haeckel’s plots of nature. Haeckel mapped the genealogical tree connecting all life on earth. He was a biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, and artist. Below is one of his pieces found in his book, Art Forms of Nature. I cannot believe I did not know this existed until now. It is truly a beautiful piece of work! 714px-Haeckel_Discomedusae_8 Wikipedia

This chandelier is gorgeous, and I love the lighting effect it gives to a room. It does look like one is in a forest looking up into a moon lit sky.

chandelier 10 Forms in Nature is an artwork with a light source surrounded by a dense and unruly tree and root system created in miniature sculpture. The forest is mirrored around its horizontal central axis and forms a circle 360 degrees around the light source and thereby leads one onto the notion of a real world versus an underworld. (Hilden Diaz) chandelier 04

Who needs wallpaper when they have this lighting feature?

chandelier 02

This close-up of the structure really shows the detail. chandelier 07

What do you think about his chandelier or lighted sculpture?

Is it something you would want in your home?

Source: Timewheel