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This is How You Can Build a DIY Washing Machine for $10!

If you are taking an extended camping trip, live in a tiny home, or just want to reduce your carbon footprint, this little DIY washing machine is the thing for you! All you will need is two five-gallon buckets, a plunger (you might want to make that a new plunger), and some tools to complete the job. Take one bucket and drill ⅛-inch holes throughout the sides of the bucket below the lip. The bucket with the holes goes inside the bucket without the holes. Then, take the plunger and drill four ⅛- inch holes at equal distances around the rubber part of the plunger. Last, take one of the lids for the bucket and drill a hole large enough for the handle of the plunger. Put all the pieces together and close the lid. It is best to use organic soap (not only for your health, but the health of the environment). Put some soap and the clothes that need to be washed in the bucket and agitate with the plunger for about 10 minutes. (This is the perfect job for kids with too much energy.) Rinse twice and your clothes are ready to hang dry!

Check out the whole process in the video below! (h/t: Treehugger)