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Bentonite Clay DIY Anti-Itch Cream

From bug bites to bee stings, itchy, inflamed skin can be a nightmare to treat. You could use store-bought pills and creams such as Benadryl, but in doing so, you’ll also be using unnecessary chemicals on your skin. You'll also suffer from side effects, such as dry mouth and drowsiness. Instead, why not make your own? This bentonite clay DIY anti-itch cream is super easy and effective. In this cream, there are only 3 ingredients. It’s easy to make, safe to use, and includes ingredients shown to be beneficial for itchy, inflamed skin.

This anti-itch cream uses bentonite clay, oatmeal and baking soda:

Bentonite clay is a perfect ingredient for an anti-itch cream. It helps expel toxins from your body, plus in increases immunity and can reduce inflammation. It’s often used, for example, to treat poison ivy. (1, 2) Oatmeal is fantastic for soothing red, inflamed skin, and so is also a good ingredient for an anti-itch cream. You may have heard of people taking oatmeal baths for this very reason. The oatmeal in this mixture will help calm any irritation on your skin, helping to rid of bothersome itching. Baking soda is often used as a home remedy for bee stings. Some use it, for example, to help extract the stinger embedded into the skin. It can also help calm skin irritation from the sting, making it a wise addition for an anti-itch cream. Furthermore, baking soda is shown to be an excellent first aid when it comes to treating stings, such as jellyfish stings. (3)

Optional Ingredients

You can add soothing dried herbs to your mixture, as well. For example, you might try adding witch hazel, chamomile or peppermint. Just be wary of any allergies. You may also consider adding tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar to your mixture, both of which have their own set of benefits. For example, tea tree oil is an antiseptic. It’s also anti-fungal and antibacterial, which can help heal rashes. Apple cider vinegar contains potassium and other minerals that contribute to the reduction of swelling as well as lowering of inflammation, particularly with skin irritations brought on by poison ivy.

Bentonite Clay DIY Anti-Itch Cream Recipe:

Equal parts of the following:

  • Ground oats
  • Baking Soda
  • Bentonite Clay

Directions for bentonite clay DIY anti-itch cream:

  • Grind up roughly ½ cup of oats + any additional soothing dried herbs you may wish to include.
  • Mix equal parts of ground oats/herbs, baking soda and bentonite clay.
  • You can use the dry powder on heat rashes. Alternatively, add a bit of water and use this mixture as a cream or paste for bites and stings. Add even more water to get a more lotion-like texture.
That’s all there is to it! You can use your bentonite clay DIY cream 2 to 3 times a day. Just spread it over the affected area, and you’re good to go! However, be forewarned that baking soda, applied to open wounds, can cause irritation. It’s best to avoid use on open wounds.

Watch a demonstration of how to make bentonite clay DIY cream - and notice other ingredients you can use!