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Argan Oil: 12 Surprising Beauty Uses

Argan oil is a gentle, natural moisturizer that boasts several excellent health benefits. Generation after generation, natives of the argan woodlands in Morocco have used argan oil as a dietary supplement, wound treatment, rash relief, and as a means to nourish the skin and hair. And the argan trees are so precious that in 1998, the argan forest was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. In fact, these trees are so sought-after that goats will climb them just to eat the fruit! Argan oil benefits are indeed many, and include healing acne, treating stretch marks, and healing damaged hair, to name a few. Learn more about what this luxurious oil can do for your health by reading the list below.

Here are 12 argan oil benefits:

1. Nighttime Moisturizer

Argan oil benefits start with serving as a great nighttime moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue, so you won’t get any smudges on your pillowcase. Pour a single drop into your palm and apply in a circular motion to your neck and face. You may need a second drop in the wintertime, or in dryer climates. It’s gentle and safe to use around your eyes, as well. And a 2015 study indicates argan oil benefits include anti-aging effects, as well. (1)

2. Skin Toner

argan oil benefits Make your own chemical-free toner at home with argan oil. First, pour a cup of boiling water over a green tea bag. Let it steep for 7-10 minutes. After you remove the bag and let the water cool to room temperature, add a drop or two of your preferred essential oil. For example, you might try orange, lemon or tea tree. Then add 2-4 drops of argan oil and seal the water mixture in a jar. Use it in the mornings and evenings after washing your face and before applying moisturizer.

3. Exfoliant

Argan oil benefits continue with the ability to, mixed with brown sugar, serve as an exfoliant. Mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with a couple of drops of argan oil in your hand. Then, rub into your face in a circular motion for two to four minutes. Give special attention to acne-prone areas and as well as areas that are dry. When you’re done, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Regarding this measure, argan oil benefits your wallet, as well, because making your own products at home can be significantly cheaper than buying overpriced items in a store.

4. Acne Remedy

Argan oil can also reduce sebum oils in those with oily skin, making it a good method for fighting acne. (2) Start by putting a drop of oil in the palm in your hand. Then, dab a bit of it into problem areas. Be sure to use the toner mentioned above, as well, especially if you have white heads. Tea tree oil in particular is good for fighting acne with argan oil, as has antioxidant properties, and is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, as well. (3)

5. Stretch Mark Remedy

If you’re looking to prevent stretch marks, try argan oil. Argan oil benefits the skin by improving the elasticity of it. (4) Start by warming 2-3 drops in your palms. Then rub into your stomach, hips, thighs or any other possible problem areas.

6. Razor Bumps and Burn Treatment

argan oil benefits Argan oil benefits include treating razor bumps and burn, as well. It can sooth irritated skin that comes from shaving. Warm a couple of drops in your hands then gently massage the area in question.

7. Whole-Body Moisturizer

You can use argan oil as a general moisturizer for all over your body. Mix it with a food-grade carrier oil, such as coconut oil, olive, jojoba, or coconut oil to create a therapeutic moisturizer full of benefits. Massage it into your problem areas, such as elbows or heels.

8. Leave-In Conditioner

Argan oil benefits your hair, as well! It’s non-greasy, making it a great leave-in conditioner. Plus, it will make your hair easier to style and will repair split ends. It will also protect your hair from heat-induced damage brought on by hair dryers, curlers, and flat irons. For a healthy shine, rub 1-3 drops into your hair, raking it through with your fingers. If you have really short hair, try half a drop. Rub excess oil onto your face and neck. Bonus: Argan oil benefits your scalp, too, according to some research. Be sure to rub it into this area, as well!

9. Overnight Deep Conditioning Treatment

Argan oil works great for dry, brittle hair, as well. You can do an overnight deep conditioning treatment; warm 4-10 drops in your hands and massage into scalp. Continue to apply to the tips of your hair, then twist (if you have long hair) and gather it up in a shower cap. Your natural body heat will help the oil penetrate. Rinse your hair in the morning until the oil is gone. For dandruff or a dry scalp, do this treatment twice a week until symptoms disappear.

10. Lip Conditioner

argan oil benefits Argan oil is great for your lips, too! Use it as a lip balm, rubbing 1-2 drops into your lips. Wipe away excess oil. This will relieve chapped, cracked lips and keep your lips soft and smooth.

11. Nail & Cuticle Treatment

This fantastic oil is benefits your nails, as well. Apply to each nail one at a time a fraction of a drop onto your nail, then rub the oil into your nail bed and cuticle. This is a great hangnail prevention method!

12. Foot Treatment

For dry, cracked skin on your feet or heels, rub 2 drops into problem areas. You may need to use more drops depending on how dry the skin on your feet is. Then, cover your feet with socks and leave on for at least 20 minutes. Use a warm, damp washcloth to remove the remaining oil.

Argan Oil Side Effects

If you have nut allergies, be wary of using argan oil. Although it isn’t technically a tree nut, it is a stone fruit and the oils come from the nut. Test a small area first on the inside of your arm to make sure you aren’t allergic before using it on your body elsewhere.