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A Wealthy Woman Took Her Daughter To See What It Was Like To Be Poor- This Is What Happened

One day a very wealthy mother took her daughter on a trip to the countryside for the sole purpose of showing her daughter what it was like to be poor.


They spent a few days and nights on the farm of what would be considered by most to be a low-income family — a family with simple ways.

garden farm The days they spent were filled with: pumping well water to drink, enjoying the outdoors, swimming, gardening, farm chores, and quite a bit of laughter and fun too. After their return to the big city and deluxe apartment in the sky, the mother asked her daughter what she thought of her time on the farm. "It was wonderful, Mom," the daughter replied. "Wasn't it interesting how they live?" asked the mother. "Yes," said the daughter. "So what did you learn?" asked the mother. dogs jumpingThe daughter answered, "I noticed that we have one dog, and one cat and they have four dogs and three cats. We have a marble swimming pool that reaches our garden at our summer house, and they have a large creek that meanders through the forest. We have fancy solar light bulbs in our garden, and they have six million stars at night. Our balcony sees the dirty city while they have beautiful forests to look upon. stars twinkle We have no land and never touch the earth except during summer at the cottage while their hands are planting and touching the beautiful Earth almost every day. We buy food from a store, but they grow their food. We have computer codes and passwords to protect us; they have their animals, family and neighbors to protect them." The girl's mother was a bit stunned. Then her daughter added, "It showed me very clearly just how poor we are and how much happier we can be." woman on farm image source 2rxnb-mom-daughter-letter photo source

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