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9 Nighttime Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Waking up and noticing you're carrying a few extra pounds is pretty common. Even if you're exercising and eating healthy meals, there are several habits that can cause you to gain weight without even realizing it.

Here are nine nighttime habits that make you gain weight:

1. You're Not Getting Enough Sleep

Every part of your body needs an adequate amount of sleep in order to function properly. If you're skimping on sleep, your metabolism will suffer, which can lead to weight gain. You'll also exercise less because you feel tired, and your cortisol levels will increase. Make sure you're getting at least eight hours of sleep per night to avoid weight gain and fatigue!

2. You Go To Bed Right After Dinner

Laying down right after a big meal can hinder your digestion process. Your metabolism slows when your body goes into sleep mode and you can end up experiencing digestive problems. Eat a lighter dinner and start eating a little earlier to avoid weight gain and digestive problems.

3. You Use Electronics Right Before Bed

The blue light from your phone and computer can end up affecting your health. Studies have shown that using electronics right before bed can hinder your sleep. Make sure you shut off your electronics at least an hour before bed. Listen to music or read a book to relax instead.

4. You Skip Dinner

You might think that skipping dinner can help you lose weight, but the opposite is true. Skipping meals slows down your metabolism. It can also make you feel hungrier and overeat at your next meal. It's important to make time for at least a small meal for dinner.

5. You Snack After Dinner

If you aren't eating enough protein, you might end up feeling hungry after dinner. Mindlessly snacking at night can cause you to overeat and consume empty calories that will lead to weight gain. If you really want a snack after dinner, choose something light and healthy.

6. You Eat Heavy Carbs At Dinner

Carbohydrates give your body energy. But if you're eating a carb-filled meal then going to bed, your body can't use that energy while you sleep. Many high-carb foods contain refined sugars that can lead to weight gain. Opt for protein at dinner and lighter portions.

7. You Drink Alcohol Before Bed

Many people drink alcohol at night to help them relax. What you might not know is that alcohol has a negative effect on your sleep pattern. It can cause restlessness and sleep loss. When you combine loss of sleep with all of the extra calories from drinking, it's not hard to see how alcohol can cause weight gain.

8. You Go To Bed Late

Staying up past midnight can actually lead to weight gain. If you aren't allowing your body to sleep when it wants to, you can disrupt your body's natural cycle. This can effect your hormone levels and make you gain weight. Try heading to bed a little earlier.

9. You Watch T.V. While You Eat

If you have a habit of sitting in front of the T.V. while you eat, it could be causing you to gain weight. If you're distracted while you're chowing down, you could be overeating without even realizing it. Turn off the T.V. while you're enjoying your dinner. Sources: Bright Side Daily Burn Sleep National Sleep Foundation Daily Mail