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8 Things Your Soul Wants You to Remember!

It's easy to forget that the soul is not separate from the body. But our bodies play such a crucial role in our existence. In reality, our bodies are simply the vehicle through which we navigate the physical world. Our souls are constantly communicating with us in a way that's every bit as real as our bodies.

Here are 8 of the concepts your soul communicates with you on a daily basis.

1. You are right where you're supposed to be.

shutterstock_373834984 No matter how bleak or unexpected your circumstance may seem, you are exactly where your soul needs to be at all times. Everything happens for a reason and there are lessons in every difficulty that your soul is yearning to learn. So take a deep breath and glean what you can from your surroundings.

2. Nothing lasts forever.

shutterstock_321891248 Do you appreciate a plucked flower any less because it's dying?
The good, the bad – neither lasts forever. Both require action if you're going to survive a sea change. When things are good, enjoy them, but also store some of those benefits for the bad times. And when the bad times roll around, use them to build your character so that you truly shine when things are good again.

3. All that you need is within you.

shutterstock_292521629 If you want to be spiritually healthy, you need to take the time to understand yourself and learn how to harness that which is within you. Compassion, strength, courage and love exist deep inside, no matter how hard it might be to believe at any point.

4. Your self-worth is up to you.

Don't look for validation and approval outside of you. Your soul will never be satisfied with that. You need to take the time to appreciate who you are physically and spiritually. That's how you gain the confidence that will radiate and attract others to you – although that should never be the primary goal.

5. Life happens in the present.

shutterstock_345599537 Much of our worry, guilt and regret come from not living now.We all get caught up in beating ourselves up about what happened in the past, but think about it. Can you really control that? What can be done about it? And what's the use in worrying about the future? It often takes up so much more energy than if you simply worked towards ensuring that the outcome you desire comes to fruition.

6. Your fears need to be released.

shutterstock_303723392 Fear and love stand exactly opposite to each other. Both have their place in certain moments, but only one deserves to be carried around in your heart and mind for the benefit of your soul. Hint: It's not fear. Fear clouds your soul and makes you hesitant to do what needs to be done.

7. You don't need to control everything.

shutterstock_146944346 In fact, you can't. There is no way for you to know what the outcome of each action you take will be. You can only hope for the best – and that's exactly what you need to do. Your soul is made happy and free when you allow the universe to run its course and don't try to force things into a box.

8. There is more out there than meets the eye.

shutterstock_315744920 Our physical eyes are only capable of viewing a limited spectrum of colors. Beyond that, there exists a world of immense energy that we can only feelat times, if we allow our souls to guide us. Don't get so caught up in trying to think logically that you ignore the clear signs that your soul is trying to present to you regarding which way to go in life.

Keep your soul/energy field happy! Sources: