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8 Natural Remedies for Healing a Bruise Fast!

We all get bruises every once in a while, especially those of us who are particularly accident-prone. Bruises appear when blood vessels become damaged or broken. Any type of traumatic injury can cause capillaries near the skin's surface to break and leak red blood cells, causing a reddish-purple or black and blue bruise on the skin. We all bump into doors, tables and counters occasionally, but if you find that you bruise more easily than others, there could be several explanations, including age, blood disorders, diabetes, excessive straining during exercise, certain medications, pale skin or sun damage.bruise We often want to hide bruises, and covering them up with makeup doesn't always work.

Luckily, there are plenty of natural remedies you can use to help heal your accidental bruises quicker!

1. Vinegar and Warm Water

Vinegar increases blood flow near the surface of the skin to aid in healing. Applying a homemade solution of vinegar and warm water to a bruise can help dissipate the blood under the skin and lessen the appearance of the bruise.

2. Parsley

Parsley is known to decrease inflammation and reduce pain. Crush a handful of parsley leaves and spread them over the bruise, then wrap the parsley-covered bruise in a bandage and let the herb help the healing process.parsley

3. Cayenne Pepper and Coconut Oil

Mix 1 part cayenne pepper with 5 parts coconut oil to help speed up the bruise's healing process. Mix the solution well and let it cool before applying it to the bruise.

4. Tea Bags

Both green tea and black tea are rich in tannins that work to shrink swollen tissue and narrow blood vessels. Dip a tea bag in hot water, then apply it to your bruise to help it heal.tea bags

5. Boiled Egg

Wrap a boiled egg (with the shell removed) with a thin cloth. (Do this while the egg is still hot.) Apply the cloth to the bruise, rubbing it over the bruise until the egg cools. This remedy is thought to help heal a black eye.

6. Pineapple

Pineapple and papaya both contain high levels of bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down blood clots and reduce swelling. Make a smoothie using pineapple, papaya and ginger. Add cayenne pepper for an extra kick!pineapple

7. Cabbage

Cabbage is full of Vitamin C and Vitamin K to promote healing. Break the ridges of a few cabbage leaves, then dip them in hot water. Apply the cabbage strips to the bruise. If you bruise regularly, try adding sauerkraut or fermented cabbage to your diet.

8. Onion

Onions are natural pain relievers. Apply a freshly cut onion mixed with salt directly to the bruise, and allow the onion to work its magic through its natural healing properties.onions Not all bruises are accidental. If you are in an abusive relationship, it's important to get help right away. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 to talk confidentially with a highly trained domestic violence advocate. Sources: Remedy Daily Herbalist Hut National Domestic Violence Hotline Skin Again Annie's Remedy Heal With Food Mercola