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6 Things That Would Be Different in a World Without Money

When you really think about it, money is a strange thing to use as currency. It's not like trading a goat for a couple of sheep. While animals serve a purpose whether or not we humans all acknowledge that purpose, paper – and even more so digital – money only has real value as long the vast majority of us agree upon it. And yet, in the structure that results from us all agreeing upon its value, money is incrediblyuseful. It pushes people to start innovative companies and gives those companies incentive to continue developing and updating their products and services. The limited amount of money out there forces society as a whole to come up with innovative ways of solving problems.

But despite all its wonderful purposes, money also brings a lot of headache.

The majority of cash in the world is hoarded by an overwhelmingly small group of people, which makes finance a bit of a sore topic for the rest of us. We wind up working jobs we don't really like, jobs we're not even particularly good at, just to put food on the table. The pursuit of money for survival often leaves little time for family, leisure and self-care. So while money is likely not going anywhere anytime soon, what do you say we use our imaginations and envision a world without it?

Where Does Our Money Come From?

1. Work would become simpler.

shutterstock_309131906 How many jobs exist for reasons that only support a world where money is the primary concern? In a society without money, a number of jobs would be replaced by things that are necessary for survival and community. People would go from being accountants to farmers, gatherers and social supporters. Instead of looking for an occupation based on its pay or status, people would make career choices based on their strengths and what they can bring the society.

2. People would do what they love.

shutterstock_373971253 (1) How many people have you encountered in particular professions who clearly aren't enjoying themselves? In our present money-driven society, there are many people who find themselves working jobs simply because they bring in a good paycheck. But in a world where that isn't a driving factor, you'd find healers being drawn to medicine, teachers being drawn to teaching and those who are spiritually inclined being drawn to temples where they can serve the community.

3. Families would spend more time together.

shutterstock_325660658 (1) The pursuit of money as a means of support and status symbol has many of us running on an endless treadmill. This leaves us very little time to enjoy our families. But if money were taken out of the equation as necessary for survival, people would have more time and energy to spend with their families.

4. A lot of stress would disappear.

shutterstock_225502903 (1) How much of your stress is linked to things involving money? A lot of us worry about paying bills, buying food, getting out of debt and other currency-related things. But how much easier would life become if you never had to worry about money? Your main concerns would be finding food and shelter, but beyond that, there would be no need to worry about a savings account or where your money is going.

5. Education would become real.

shutterstock_372656629 (1) So much of education involves telling our kids how to find a job that makes decent money. Personal development and growth take a backseat to getting ahead economically. But in a world without money, education would be geared towards learning things necessary for survival as well as learning how to be a better person. That sounds pretty awesome to me!

6. We would likely find another, more practical type of currency.

handshake-220233_960_720 Even without money, we would need to find someway of trading somethingfor goods and services. In fact, those goods and services themselves would likely become the bargaining chips. "Hey, I hear you're a good cook. I'm going out with my family today and won't have time to prepare a meal – can you cook something for me? I'll give you a free swimming lesson."

Can you think of any other ways the world would be different without money? Does this sound like a world you'd like to live in? Let us know in the comments!