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5 Signs Your Relationship Was Destined To Happen

Have you ever had the feeling that your current significant other is "the one?" He or she makes you laugh when you don't even feel like smiling, knows exactly what to say when you're in need of comfort, and understands you better than anyone ever has. You can completely be yourself in the relationship, and the connection you have to is like a powerful magnetic force that pulls you in. Sometimes, that "the one" feeling can happen more than once. But these five signs are strong indicators that your relationship was destined to happen. If you find these characteristics in your relationship, you may have found your soulmate:

1. You Have an Intense Connection

While you have plenty of other friends and family members that you love, your bond to this person surpasses the bond in your other relationships. You feel closer to your new partner. You feel like they know you inside and out — perhaps better than you know yourself. The deep and undeniable connection is mutual. You can't get enough of one another.

2. Your Attachment Doesn't Quite Make Sense

The connection you feel for each other doesn't have a long, drawn-out history behind it. You may have been accused by others of moving too fast or becoming too intense too soon. From the moment you met you felt drawn to this person, and you really can't quite explain it to family members or friends. The fact that you haven't known each other for a long period of time doesn't matter.

3. You Stay Close

Your past may be full of many ex's or only a few, but either way you've let them come and go without much of an afterthought. After meeting this person, you don't feel the need to contact or even think about a former flame, because you can't imagine your life before this person came into it. You stay near this person, communicating and interacting regularly, if not a bit obsessively, and you spend as much time together as possible.

4. You're Experiencing New Emotions

The pull of "new" emotions might seem weird. But you probably find yourself in a rollercoaster of emotions that can be overwhelming at times — feeling a deep love that you've never felt before, or maybe you're showing emotions you didn't know you had in you, such as jealousy or fear. With a relationship this intense, your emotions may seem out of control at times.

5. You Fight, A Lot

It's true that love can make you crazy. Even the most peaceful people can find themselves in a sudden argument when emotions are high. The love and passion you feel for each other can often result in a fight, with both of you desperately trying to get your point across, all the while hating that you're disagreeing. Small things can escalate into big things, and arguments from the past may sneak their way into present fights. You may be afraid that an argument means you're drifting away or losing one another, but in the end your passion brings you back together. It's almost impossible for you to stay mad at your significant other for long, because it means not being able to talk with each other or spend time together.

Don't forget to keep those relationships healthy!