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4 Hidden Super Powers Of Highly Empathetic People

Empathetic people are able to feel the emotions and energies that surround them. If they walk into a room and someone is upset, they can sense it. Empaths are often labeled as "too sensitive," but the truth is, they have powerful skills that can help them read the world around them. Highly sensitive empaths might struggle with their abilities at first, but learning how important their skills are can help them control and further develop them. Here are four super powers of highly empathetic people:

1. They Can Feel Negativity

Empaths are highly aware of negative, toxic people. When they walk into a room, they can sense other people's thoughts and emotions. Even if a negative conversation took place before an empath arrived, they can still sense the negativity that's lingering. Instead of absorbing this negative energy, highly sensitive empaths have the ability to replace it with positive energy. They know when to use encouraging words and bring happiness to the people who need it the most. They use laughter to create hope and joy where there was none.

2. They Can Read People's Minds

We are all able to read minds to some degree. We take cues from people's body language, eye contact and words to guess what they are thinking or how they are feeling. But highly sensitive empaths take things a step further. Many empaths see psychic images or get other cues. Some sounds or smells send messages to them that they understand and recognize. When they pick up a certain energy from someone, they focus on that energy and it allows them to read a person's thoughts.

3. They Become Their Own Superhero

Empaths can become overwhelmed by their ability to feel the emotions of others. To control their powers, they must use them to their benefit. Many people are completely disconnected from their emotions. Empaths aren't. They use their abilities to focus on their own emotional growth, allowing their gift to become their super power. Listening to their own thoughts and feelings while understanding the people around them can change how they communicate with others. If they allow it to, it becomes a gift instead of a burden.

4. They Turn Their Sensitivity Into A Coveted Skill

For a highly sensitive empath, something as simple as a certain smell can cause a negative reaction. It might sound like a curse, but an empath can use it to their advantage. If they need a quiet space to sleep, they can help develop spaces like gardens, libraries or meditation rooms. If processed food makes them sick, they can help others eat healthier or open a restaurant full of organic foods. They can use their sensitivities to create a more peaceful world and help others along the way. Sources: The Mind Unleashed About The Mind Unleashed