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4 Reasons Why INFJ Personality Types Are So Difficult To Understand

The INFJ (introvert, intuition, feeling, judging) is a rare and confusing breed. Only 1-2% of those who take the MBTI fall into this category, so if you’re one of them, you know how difficult it can be to find someone to understand you. And, at times, it may be tough for you to even understand your own confusing thoughts and behaviors. Subtle changes in circumstances can make the INFJ appear, even to themselves, unpredictable. They are walking contradictions.

Here are 4 reasons why the INFJ personality is so difficult to understand:

1. They are Artistic and Logical

Both the idealist dreamer and responsible citizen, the INFJ is at constant war with themselves. They will work hard to meet a deadline all week but will dismiss it at the last moment because the urge to paint overtook them. They are both laid-back and perfectionists. Their priorities are forever shifting. They will sometimes remain immobile, unsure if they should follow their whims or get down to business. What’s more, their fear of judgment often inhibits their creative follow-thru. This leads to a lot of unfinished projects.

2. They Stand Up for Others but Not for Themselves

INFJ types have a strong sense of justice and they will go out of their way to see that it’s done. They are quick to swoop in and right a wrong—even if it means interacting with strangers. When they see someone weaker than they are being victimized, the INFJ will charge ahead like a bull in a china shop. When it comes to their own rights and needs, however, the INFJ will refrain from rocking the boat. This is due to their innate desire to make others happy.

3. Their Fight and Flight Instinct is on Equal Ground

Intuition tells an INFJ to run, but their sense of justice affords them spurts of bravery. These two extremes will manifest themselves sometimes in response to the same conflict. In regard to the same conflict, one day the INFJ will charge ahead into battle, the next day they will refrain. This could be due to the fact that INFJs are in limbo between their heightened emotions and their desire to speak up or to do the right thing. There are cases, though, where there isn’t a logical explanation behind the INFJs change in behavior. Truly, the INFJ is a puzzle!

4. They Love Alone Time but Also Need to Be with People

INFJ’s are often torn between wanting to be alone and wanting to check in with their tribe. The truth is, while INFJs benefit from alone time, they desperately need intimate relationships. And at the flip of a switch, an INFJ can go from introverted to extroverted. They will hunker down with a blanket over their head and a book in hand, but five minutes later decide they want to get together with friends and have deep, meaningful conversation.

Learn more about the INFJ personality type here! Sources: Learning Mind The Minds Journal I Heart Intelligence