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19 Signs You’re a Healer and Don’t Know It

Healing with the help of a healer is a natural process where beneficial energy flows between a healer and a recipient. This energy is believed to deal with “dis-ease” at the deepest possible level. It also frees up a person’s natural resources so that they are working for the person, not against the “dis-ease.” This type of healing includes physical, psychological, and spiritual ailments. (Source) Healers are the people who facilitate this specific type of healing. It is important to understand that healers do not heal another person — nature does the healing. Healers act as a catalyst and know how to use the natural energy around them to promote healing. (Source) Right now, I know most of you are thinking about those “evangelical healers” that stand up on a stage and heal people in dramatic shows. These people are more than likely not real healers. Real healers are not nearly as showy and, more often than not, they do not know they are healers at all. However, there are some signs one can consider.

Here are 19 signs you are a healer and don’t know it!


1. You have empathic tendencies and often feel emotions or experiences as physical sensations.

2. People consider it soothing to be around you and they rarely get sick.

3. You have had an anxiety, panic, or mood disorder in the past or have one now.

4. It is natural for you to think of solutions to make other people’s lives better even when it is counterproductive to your needs.

5. You are employed as a medical worker, massage therapist, chiropractor, counselor, therapist, veterinarian, or any other job that has to do with healing.


6. There is a history of healers in your family.

7. You experience heightened awareness in public places and can tell if there has been a fight or disagreement.

8. People turn to you for comfort, problem-solving, or kind words, and you feel like other people’s problems are always dumped on you for fixing. This can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed because it is easy to take on too much.

9. You tend to feel drained after a day containing large amounts of social interaction.

10. Animals and small children are comfortable around you even when they are shy around others.


11. Strangers tend to share their life stories with you.

12. You are good at giving back and shoulder rubs and friends ask for them often.

13. You like to help people feel comfortable when they are visiting you.

14. Neck and shoulder pain is a common occurrence along with headaches and digestive issues.

15. Friends and coworkers come to you for opinions on romantic interests, friends, or new job hires.


16. You enjoy outdoor exercises that connect one with nature. Breathing fresh air is a necessity!

17. You are interested in spiritual-based and natural healing methods as opposed to westernized medicine.

18. You find crystals beautiful and are attracted to them for their healing properties.

19. Your palms tend to feel like they are buzzing, vibrating, or pulsating.

To learn more about being a healer, take a look at the video below or take this quiz.

Are you a healer?

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(h/t: Sarah Petruno Shamanism)