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18 Ways to Shift to Abundance Consciousness

We all want more abundance in our lives! But what is in our way of having everything we want and need?
The answer is simple, yet frustrating... OURSELVES.
To open ourselves up to this abundant Universe, we need to reprogram ourselves for limitless opportunities and possibilities instead of living within the invisible boundaries that we create for ourselves.

Here are some simple ways you can shift to Abundance Consciousness:

  1. Most importantly, be grateful for what you DO have!
  2. Keep a receiving journal to track when you receive any form of abundance, i.e., a smile, gift from a stranger, money, job opportunities! Tracking everything makes you aware of how abundant we already are!
  3. “Keep your wallet tight and right” –Marie Forleo. After all your wallet is your personal temple of abundance!
  4. Keep your house clean, cook and eat like a king (or queen)! You deserve the very best!
  5. Stock up on things in bulk, long before you are running low. Who doesn't love a full fridge?!
  6. Never say NO to honest money. If you see a penny, pick it up!
  7. Don’t "punish" yourself by cutting back. If you get creative you can still live abundantly, even if on a budget!
  8. Surround yourself with beauty, like fresh flowers, nice views and pictures of loved ones.
  9. Get rid of reminders of past failures: pictures of old lovers, clothes that don’t fit, etc.
  10. Purge what no longer serves you! Energetically make room for the flow to come into your life.
  11. Scan your home for evidence of scarcity. Are you still not unpacked from a move? Are your cupboards full of junk? Not enough space, too much clutter?
  12. Take up feng shui and arrange your home for prosperity!
  13. If you get a gift card, use it!
  14. Don’t save things for a "special occasion." Everyday is special and you deserve it!
  15. “When you invest in yourself, the Universe invests in you”- Barbara DeAngelis. When we show up for ourselves by taking action, eating healthy, practice self-care, gaining education and working toward financial health, the Universe sees our efforts and matches them!
  16. Respect and care for your money. Don’t spend it where you don’t need to.
  17. Mind your finances, read your bills over in detail, and have a weekly check in to see where you’re at.
  18. Give generously without expectations! Giving is essential to receiving!

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